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RJ Mentions

RATE(Per Mention) : CARD RATE₹8000 OFFER RATE₹6000

When the RJ talks about your brand while conducting the show, it helps to promote your brand. The RJ spends about 30-45 sec talking about your brand.

Mentioned rates are per second. Final prices calculated as per ad duration and number of times the ad is played.


RATE(Per Second/Day) : CARD RATE₹215 OFFER RATE₹112

Jingle refers to a short message that is used to explain and promote a service / product of a brand. It varies from 10-30 seconds usually.

Mentioned rates are per second. Final prices calculated as per ad duration and number of times the ad is played.




RJRj Raunac, Rj Sachin


RAM stands for Radio Audience Meter. It is a paid service that is used to report the listener base of Red FM Radio channel in India. However, not all FM channels are a part of the RAM survey in Delhi.

Through the RAM survey, you will be able to get an idea of the number of listeners for a particular radio channel in Delhi. RAM is usually a paid service. However, it is available for free at E4M for the FM radio channels of the four major cities of the country – Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

The average cost of running an ad on radio in Delhi depends on the popularity of the radio channel. It is mostly calculated on a 10 second-basis. You can expect the rates to be somewhere between 30 INR to 2500 INR per 10 seconds of broadcasting in Red FM. The complete data of FM channel advertising rate is listed on myhoardings site.

The cost of running a 30 second ad on a radio channel depend on the slot time chosen and various other parameters. The rough estimate regarding rate chart of per second of ad can be found listed on our website.

A radio spot in Red FM is a jingle or an ad of a brand that plays in between the radio shows during the break. It is the technical term for ad slots in FM radio advertising in Delhi.

The easiest way to run an advertising campaign in Delhi on Red FM radio station is to get in touch with an advertising agency that manages radio advertising. The media planning and media buying agency will help you to pick the appropriate FM channel for you based on your needs and budget. Also, advertising agencies bargain to get the most lucrative deal for you. MyHoardings, with its pan-India service, will help you with the media planning and best radio branding solutions for your brand at affordable rates.

Radio ads and jingles are produced in professional studios or in the particular radio station itself. However, if you are clueless about recording your ad like jingle ad, RJ Mentions, Sponsorship Tags, Roadblock Ads etc, you can seek the help of the experts at MyHoardings. We have all the resources to help you out with the radio ads for your brand.

There is no stipulated time for running an advertising campaign on an FM radio channel. You can run an ad for a single day or several months. However, for the best results, it is advised that the ads are broadcasted for at least a week.

The best formula for a Red FM radio ad to work is to weave an interesting and arresting story in the ad. As radio listening is not an active action, you have to make sure that you catch the attention of the listeners. Other than interesting stories, great offers work effectively too to make your brand noticed in Delhi.

The most popular advertising media option for Red FM radio advertising is jingle advertising. Jingles are broadcasted in between radio shows during ad breaks and they are somewhere between 10 seconds to 2 minutes long. Also, no other radio ads are as economical as the ad jingles in radio advertising in Delhi.

Brands do sponsor popular radio programs to get their brands noticed. Sponsorship tags are provided by the FM radio channels and are one small part of the whole package for FM radio brand advertising.

Usually, submissions for radio ads are taken before 4 P.M. as the schedule of radio advertising for the next day is laid out every night. So, you can start your brand ad campaign the very next day if you submit the ad jingle by 4 P.M. The advertising departments at the FM stations remain closed during the weekends.

Contrary to popular belief, radio advertising does provide you with the scope of targeting a specific demographic group. The time of broadcasting your ad determines the audience of your brand ad. For instance, if you ask them to play your ad jingle all day, then it is very much likely that your ad will be featured to one and all. However, for niche audiences, it is advisable that you broadcast your brand ad on the popular radio channels of the country at late night.

FM radio advertising has one of the lowest rates per reach and brand impression among all other media buying options. Thus, for a medium that promises effective local targeting and greater frequency advertising campaigns, FM radio advertising is quite affordable.

RJ’s Naveed, Jeeturaaj and Somak are quite popular in Radio Mirchi FM radio stations.

RJ’s RJ Raunac, Malishka, Soniya, Disha Oberoi, Ajai are quite popular in Red FM radio station in India.

RJ Michelle is quite popular in Red FM radio station in India.

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