What We Do

OOH Hoardings - Outdoor advertising has been a powerful communication and advertising medium since ages. The medium promises mass reach and visibility like no other electronic advertising mediums. Pacing up with modern times of internet and technology even outdoor advertising is making a shift from static to digital but the change is penetrating the Indian market slowly and steadily. Outdoor advertising remain a crucial media mix when designing an impactful advertising campaign. Currently, outdoor advertising market is worth INR 3085 crore in India.

Airport Branding - Airport advertising is the term coined to define advertising activities that aim at promoting a product or a service either in the periphery of airport, inside the airport or in the flights. Airport advertising is relatively new in comparison to other traditional means of advertising such television, radio or print. The novelty of the medium makes it more attention grabbing. The significance of airport advertising has paced in the matter of few years for the fact that the airport traffic has increased drastically. The increased airport traffic can be credited to cheaper flights, promotional offers and discounts by travel & tourism companies, need for safe, comfortable and quick travel.

Office Space Advertising - Technology and innovation has seeped into our daily lives, making it better and easier. Not only gadgets but even the commercial and residential buildings too have been highly impacted by cutting edge technology of modern times. Office spaces or building are no more isolated buildings with mundane outlook but today the commercial buildings are highly innovative with state of the art architect infused with modern amenities. The real estate developers have modified the office space building into well organised, spacious and modern work spaces. These are high rise building with multi-floors that accommodate offices of different companies under one big roof. The modern office spaces aims at hassle free co-working environment.