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It's done based on impressions of your ad.

An advertising format the target uses while they are online. It can be done on various devices such as Laptop, Desktop, Computers, Mobile phones and Tablets. Use of digital advertising has grown up over a period of years with exponential growth in the field of data consumption over mobile devices and vast use of computers for business and entertainment purposes. can help you to run any kind of digital advertising campaign ranging from Managing expert Adword campaign to YouTube advertising, From specific industry related app to Music apps. assist you from campaign strategy planning to content creation and campaign execution as well.

The dependency and the average time spent by an individual over various screens (Mobile, Computer and Tablets) is continuously on the rise. Companies who wish to showcase their services and products to clients don't want to mess this opportunity where there is huge potential and users spend their time. So apart from traditional form of advertisements, Digital Marketing is also gaining prominence in current time for various brands.

Every advertising campaign for Digital Marketing has focus on target audience and gaining benefits from the same.So when advertisers compare the ROI (Return on investment) and the reach of different advertising mediums available, they do have to compare multi channel and multiple media campaigns, in order to reach all the people they wish to target.

The number of youth who spend time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok is on the rise and provide good option for advertisers to target them at a place where the spend more than and can be shown their products.

Apart from the social media networks, working professionals also actively maintain their profiles on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. So if you have a product or service that you specifically wish to promote among the working professionals, LinkedIn is the best place to do so with highly targeted audience present with it. LinkedIn also provides pinpointed filters which can and help you to reach the exact targeted audience with more chances of lead conversion.

Yes. There are a couple of them. Bumble is one of the fastest growing online social media platform specifically for women.

With the growing use of various mobile apps which we use in our life, in one way or the other, companies have started looking at it as a lucrative medium to make money as well. Apps also provide a good advertising medium for advertisers to reach their target audience at a much cheaper price compared to other Traditional Media like Billboards, Transit Media, Airport Advertising and Mall branding.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the mechanism where advertiser has to pay for every click when his/her ad is being clicked by someone. Whereas under “Pay per Impression” the advertiser has to pay an amount for a fixed number of Impressions to the end users( Even if user doesn’t click the Ad)

Digital Ads can be in the form of Banner Advertising, Video Ads, Audio Ads etc.

SEO comprises the combination of efforts like On-page and Off-page optimization. Various on-page techniques like Website Title OptimiZation, Description and keywords optimization, Link building and other activities in order to bring your website up in the search engine algorithms when any user searches for appropriate matching keywords as yours.

Website can also be promoted with the help of Optimisation techniques using which a particular portal or website can be made more friendly for the search engines to index the same. Such technique is called as “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO.You can take help of an SEO marketing agency to promote your website.

Usually online ads are backed by a monitoring system which provides the details regarding Ad campaign execution and and the feedback received ( Either in the form of calls OR website hits) explains you the success of your Online Ad being placed.

SEO packages for websites depends on factors like Business category, The Target Audience, Keyword competition, Targeted location and how fast you wash to see your keywords rank on google for your website. It may vary from 10K/month to more than 100K/Month.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an organic way to bring customers to your website or Mobile app. SEO involves techniques that make necessary changes on your website to make it search engine friendly and promoting it in the outside network for free by making backlinks for your website or blog.

No. Cost involved in Digital Advertising depends on multiple factors. One of the factors that decide the actual cost of Digital Ad campaign is the Bid amount. Usually businesses having high per unit price are ready to spend more to showcase their advertisements, as compared to businesses with low unit price. Eg. Amount spent by a bag manufacturing company on Google ads to bring a user to its website will be definitely be way more compared to a Real estate giant trying to bring audience on his website.

Dailyhunt App currently has 3.5 crore users. The app is top most news app in the world with 30 billion page views per month. This makes it the best advertising platform to attract target audience.

Yes! Dailyhunt app operates in 17 languages, giving advertisers lucrative opportunity to target native audience through regional content.

Advertisers can run banner ads, video ads, native ads and homepage ads through Dailyhunt app advertising,

Dailyhunt app allows different forms of banner ad advertising such as regular banner ad, interstitial banner and roadblock banner ads. The cost of regular banner ad is 0.14paisa/ impression, for interstitial 0.21paisa/impression and for roadblock banner it is 2,000,000 / day.

The ad rate is calculated on Cost per impression basis. In this method the advertisers only pay when the advertisement has been shown at least 1000 times in the news app.

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