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Mobile app advertising is the kind of advertising where advertisers take the medium of mobile apps to advertise products and services to audiences. As people spend 86% of their smart phone usage time on mobile apps, advertisers are capitalizing on the popularity of mobile apps as a bankable medium for their brand outreach. Because apps have become a significant part of people’s everyday living, they have now replaced the traditional advertising media options like transit media, hoardings, airport advertising, billboards, mall branding, etc. as the go-to branding solution for brands and advertisers.

People spend majority of their time on mobile apps than on the internet browsing platforms. Therefore, mobile app advertising provides more scope for brand outreach than branding on the websites or internet in general. An ad placed on a popular app like Instagram or Facebook is bound to garner more brand impressions than any general ad on the internet. Also, mobile app advertising is a less intrusive way of promoting your brand to the audiences. Additionally, it is easier to target audiences through mobile app advertising. Thus, mobile app advertising has the potential to seamlessly engage more viewers with the brands.

Most of the people spend their time browsing and engaging on the social media platforms. So, to get your brands noticed to the maximum number of people, you can engage in mobile app advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. There are also several other popular apps in India like Jio Saavn, Spotify, Inshorts, Gaana, Ola, Truecaller, Zomato, Bookmyshow, OLX, IRCTC, Flipkart, Hotstar, etc.

There are quite a few advertising options for mobile app advertising. They are ads played during video or live stream playing, brand video ads played during live matches, rectangular banner ads on homepage, ads on the masthead banner of the app, app install ads, native ads (ads which are embedded with the other content of the app), roadblock ads (which involves booking all the ad spaces on a mobile app), etc. To get a complete picture of the media options on offer, you can get in direct contact with us at business [at] or call us at (+91) 99538-47639.

The biggest impediment to mobile web or general web advertising is the presence of ad blockers. The usage of ad blockers is growing every year with more than half of the ad blockers being used for mobile devices (62%). Another roadblock to mobile web branding is that of ad fraud. The web world is fraught with fraud due to the widespread programmatic approach to purchase web ad inventory which are compatible with smartphone devices. This deals a huge blow to a brand’s image and as a result, provides a negative outlook on the brand. Mobile app advertising does not suffer from these impediments, and is therefore, safer platform for engaging in branding activities.

For mobile app advertising, it takes nearly 2 days for an ad to go live in an app after the confirmation of the brand campaign. To get a detailed knowledge about booking ad slots on a mobile app, you can write to us at business [at] or call us directly at (+91) 995384-7639.

The daily average usage of mobile apps is 3 hours 35 minutes whereas the daily usage of mobile web is merely 25 minutes.

App Store Optimization (ASO) include the process of developing and improving app visibility within the framework of various app stores and growing app conversion rates. The top 2 app stores include Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS devices.

Mobile app marketing consists of interacting with mobile app users through-out their entire lifecycle. It starts from when they hear about your app for the first time to when they convert into a loyal and regular user.

Promoting a business / mobile app utilizing existing network of mobile devices network and inventory is providing higher ROI compared to various other ad mediums and turning advertisers into this new tech savvy and efficient advertising option in India.

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