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Back Lit Panel

RATE(Per Panel) : CARD RATE₹50000 OFFER RATE₹40000

Back lits placed inside the Mall

Creative to be provided.Fabrication cost extra.



Mall Advertising consists of set of promotional and marketing activities inside malls to increase Brand visibility, Brand value and sales for a given client.

Prozone Shopping mall provides variety of options for brand promotion and display like advertising on escalators and Elevators, putting Standees and Cutouts and setting up kiosks in the mall Atrium.

Yes. Food courts present in malls (Usually on top floor) also provide an opportunity to advertisers to showcase their products and services. Food Court advertisement is usually available in the form of Pillar wraps and Advertising on tables.

Majority of Aurangabad malls allows branding both inside and outside the mall except few exceptions.

The advertising rates in Aurangabad malls depends on factors like media option selected and tenure of the branding campaign.

You may contact experts at MyHoardings to plan and execute any mall advertisement campaign in Aurangabad.

The major source of mall owners and other stakeholders is from the rental source of income. However, advertising and branding activities inside Prozone mall provide them additional scope to generate revenue out of the shopping mall.

No. Promoters have to be paid additionally. The mentioned priced is ONLY for Kiosk space rentals in Prozone mall.

Yes. As the number of footfalls inside a mall on a given day varies on various parameters like day of the week, festive/ non festive season and other factors. Still data regarding average number of footfalls is usually available for the Aurangabad shoppin

Usually the minimum campaign duration for setting up kiosks inside Aurangabad malls is one week. However large kiosks can be booked promotional activities inside malls even for a single day. Please contact +91 9953-847639 or drop us an email at business [

Yes. Permissions from respective authorities and Mall management are mandatory before carrying out any branding activities inside Aurangabad malls. MyHoardings take care of all search required permissions and formalities on behalf of clients.

Branding inside malls is comparatively expensive due to the visitors profile and their purpose of visiting the malls. Usually the chances of making a purchase inside a mall remains higher as compared to other locations which makes it comparatively expensi

Yes. You may get in touch with MyHoardings at +91 995384-7639 OR email us at business [at] for any Mall advertising campaign in Aurangabad.

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