Advertising on Bus Shelter on High Court Bus Stop towards Royapuram in Chennai, Bus Shelter

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Bus Shelter in Chennai

High Court
Dimension : Top Board 25.11 X 2.9, Middle Board 18.9 X 4.91

RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹110000 OFFER RATE₹105000

Printing and mounting charges are extra. Varies as per location and material used.

Ad printed on Flex/Cloth Banner will be mounted on the complete area of the Hoardings.



BQS (Bus Queue Shelter) advertisement consist of showcasing advertiser's creative for brand promotion on space available on bus stops. BQS advertisement primarily get attention of commuters who use public transportation to commute to their destinations. Buses, being major source of transportation in Chennai, BQS ads provide enough scope of visibility to the advertisers constantly looking for customer attention and brand building.

Rates of bus shelter ads in Chennai are mentioned for individual locations. Rates are based on location of bus shelter and average traffic around the location.

Usually Bus stop ads contain 2 advertising boards. The Top Board dimension being 25.11 Feet X 2.9 Feet and Middle Board size is 18.9 Feet X 4.7 Feet.

Major advertising services in Chennai include Hoardings / Billboards, BQS advertising and various transit media options like branding on Ola Taxi / UBER Cabs, Auto and bus advertisement.

Yes. Digital media services in Chennai can be availed from 'Digital' category section available on website.

Bus Queue Shelters or BQS are traditional bus stops primarily used by people to wait meanwhile their bus arrives. Same has been looked and worked as a revenue generation model by government municipal bodies by providing space to advertising agencies who can get clients to display their ads on bus shelters.

Yes. Bus Shelter ads in Chennai are legal means of advertisement for advertisers.

MyHoardings can help clients execute advertising campaigns ranging from Hoardings to BQS Ads, Cinema advertising to Digital ads and various transit media services such as bus branding, Chennai Metro train advertising etc.

Rates of bus shelter advertising in India are decided on factors like Display area, Locality and whether the BQS have a Lit or Non-Lit display board. is a platform that gives you the facility to check the prices of the Bus Shelters in India, location of the Bus Shelters, the size and the type of Billboard before booking them online. Please contact us at + 91 9953-847639 to check the availability of the BQS you have selected for advertising in India.

You may fill the 'Quick Enquiry' form available on left bottom or call the number mentioned in TOP panel for speedy response from MyHoardings.

Prices of advertising on hoarding in Chennai can be checked by changing filter to 'Hoardings' in left panel under 'Outdoor' category on MyHoardings website.

Yes!! Buses are used as major form of transport medium and is very much used among the masses in Chennai. Individuals spend ample amount of time (Both at the bus shelter and while travelling in the bus) which gives the brands enough time to get noticed.

Usually minimum period to book BQS advertising in India is 30 days. Please contact MyHoardings for any exceptions.

Bus shelters can be of 2 types based on either the display boards are Lit or Non-Lit.

Advertisement placed on Lit display boards on bus shelters in Chennai are illuminated and are visible even during dark in night, whereas Non-Lit displays are NOT illuminated and are visible only during day time.

Prices of advertising on transit media like Car and Auto advertising in Chennai can be checked under 'Transit' category in MyHoardings website.

Total cost involved in Bus Shelter advertising comprises of Rental + Printing + Mounting + Taxes (Monitoring Extra). The prices mentioned above are only rentals for the space. BQS advertising rentals in Chennai and Tamil Nadu and are subject to changes depending on various factors. We encourage you to contact MyHoardings at +91 995384-7639 or drop us an email at business [at] to confirm final rates. will be happy to assist you to provide End-to-End advertisement services in Chennai. We hold expertise from designing to printing to mounting of BQS ads. We try to ensure your BQS ad campaign goes live without any issues and provide you the maximum returns for your marketing budget spends.

Bus que shelter can be booked for advertising for even single (1) location.

In case of natural disasters when the advertisement on bus shelter display hoardings get damaged, client have to bear printing and mounting charges and “Advertisement” can be displayed for the booked space until rental period ends, without any issues.

Yes. The ad creative can be changed while the outdoor advertising campaign is live. However printing & mounting charges has to be additionally borne by the client for the same. Minimum duration for such BQS advertising campaign is 1 month.

Yes. You may ask representative for offers in case the Hoarding campaign in Tamil Nadu is more than 3 months.

MyHoardings provide end to end brand promotion services in Chennai ranging from Target audience identification to Ad planning, Media selection to campaign execution and monitoring services to report submission.

Yes. MyHoardings provide services of Bus Shelter (BQS) advertising in other Indian cities as well. You may write us at business [at] for details.

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