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RATE(Per Week/Month) : CARD RATE OFFER RATE₹On Demand

Prices as per the vehicle selected and duration. Please call to confirm best rates.

Need to provide Artwork in PSD/PDF/CDR/AI .Ads will be displayed on Mobile van.



Mobile Van Advertising consist of brand promotion on a moving vehicle fixed with client creative (Either on a static or hydraulic base).

The most widely display vehicle used for advertising in Aurangabad are Tata Ace and other mobile van/trucks of varying sizes.

Vehicle advertising can either be of Center-board or L-shape display.

Yes. MyHoardings also provide services of LED display van advertising in Aurangabad. Please contact us at business [at] for more details.

Tata Ace or various size canters can be booked for either weekly or monthly basis. Long term customized campaigning plans also can be executed as per client requirements.

Any type of brand/company is free to promote themselves using Vehicle Branding / Canter Advertising in Aurangabad provided the creative doesn't promote obscenity and don't carry message that can disturb communal harmony in society.

Roadshow Advertising consist of 'Product Display' rather than simply flex banner board on display. Usually accompanies by 2 or more promoters, the roadshow provide engagement as well with probable leads and interested people on the way.

No. Advertising rates on Tata Ace mobile van and canters depend on the vehicle chosen (Based on Size).

Brand promotion using 'LED Mobile Van' include electronic display of advertisement. It can be a combination of Audio-Video content and can be more impactful to catch attention from on-lookers while on the move. Also, it's more costly as compared to normal

Canter advertising is another type of 'Mobile Van' advertising where the size of display area on vehicle is more than that of TATA Ace.

Usual minimum campaign duration for mobile van branding is 1 week. However, in exceptional cases it can also be booked for 1-2 day's but the charges will be usually higher.

MyHoardings holds expertise in the field of vehicle advertising, be it Car Advertising, Auto Branding, Mobile van advertising or Truck advertising. You may get in touch with MyHoardings either at business [at] or call at mobile number ment

MyHoardings takes care of all mobile van permissions required on field. Usually permission prices are included in the cost mentioned. In exceptional cases, it has to be borne by the client as well.

It includes vehicle rental + Permission Fee + Driver Fee + Fuel for fixed distance.

Promoters can be arranged for Mobile Van Advertising in Aurangabad at extra cost. This facility is only available for monthly campaigns.

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