Advertising in Non AC Bus Meerut, Bus Branding

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Full Bus - Exterior

RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹32400 OFFER RATE₹30400

Full Bus wrap for maximum visibility

Creative CDR file to be submitted to us. Printing/Mounting may take maximum 7 working days.



Bus advertisement in Meerut consist of placing client ad creatives as wraps on external bus body. Considered as most prominent form of transit media advertising, bus branding can help brands enhance their visibility and boost brand value in Uttar Pradesh.

Minimum number of buses required for AC Bus branding 1 and 10 for Non-AC buses.

The permission for full Bus Wrap advertising varies from state to state. Contact the number mentioned above OR drop email at business [at] to know more.

Yes. Bus advertising rights are granted by RTO department of State government to the Advertising Agencies in Uttar Pradesh.

Bus Advertising help clients to achieve viewership from multiple locations in Uttar Pradesh, which makes every penny spent on marketing budget count.

Minimum campaign duration for branding campaign is 1 Month. For Non-AC buses in many states, it's 3 months.

Total cost comprises of Bus rental + Printing Charges + Mounting Charges. Taxes are extra.

Ads need to be approved before going live. Ads promoting vulgarity and civil disturbance are strictly NOT allowed.

Ads need to be re-printed and mounted. Cost to be borne by the client.

Bus Advertising can be done both External and Internal branding like Back Seat Ads, Driver Seat Ad etc.

Yes. Average commute time for working population is NOT less than 1 hour in cities, which make it meaningful.

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