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Display Ads on Tempo / Mobile Van


Prices are decided based on the Tempo / Mobile Van selected, Tenure of the ad campaign and selection of Vinyl/Paint to be used for display ads.

Need To Provide Artwork in PSD/PDF/CDR/AI format.Ads will be wrapped and displayed on Tempos.



Truck advertising consist of brand promotion on the external body area of Trucks painted / wrapped with client creatives. Complete / partial truck body can be used to display ads on trucks which cover long distances on state / national highways.

MyHoardings is India's leading agency to provide advertising services on Canters / Trucks which ply on National / State highways and also within cities. Please get in touch with the experts at MyHoardings at business [at] for professional and hassle free campaign planning, execution and monitoring.

Minimum duration for advertising on 'Canters' and 'Trucks' is usually 1 month. However, it also depends and can be different in exceptional scenarios. Please call MyHoardings team to know more information about 'Truck Advertising' campaigns

MyHoardings is leading professional Truck Advertising Company on Ludhiana Highways in India. Please get in touch with experts at MyHoardings (Number mentioned above).

The rates provided for advertising on trucks consist of display rentals for the space on truck body and permission to carry out such advertisement. The painting and labor charges and GST amount will be extra.

Roadshow Advertising consist of 'Product Display' on the trucks rather than simply flex banner board on display. Brand promotion by Roadshow usually accompanies by 3 or more promoters, the roadshow provide engagement as well with probable leads and interested people on the way.

Promoters can be arranged for Mobile Van Advertising in Ludhiana at extra cost. This facility is only available for monthly campaigns.

No. Advertising rates on Trucks / Tempos / Mobile Van / Canters depend on the vehicle chosen (Based on Size).

Distance travelled by trucks on Highways varies and depends on many parameters like average traffic, tolls on the way, material being carried and the climate. However, we can estimate the same to average between 400 - 500 KM's.

Canter advertising is synonym term of ‘Truck Ads’ where the size of display area on vehicle is more than that of small tempos and mobile vans.

MyHoardings holds expertise in the field of vehicle advertising, be it Car Advertising, Auto Branding, Mobile van advertising or Truck advertising. You may get in touch with MyHoardings either at business [at] or call at mobile number mentioned above.

Truck branding is done on truck body and it gets attention of people all along the highways. It'll cover the tolls, highway hotels and usually high traffic on State / National highways provide ample options for visibility of a brand.

MyHoardings takes care of all mobile van permissions required on field. Usually permission prices are included in the cost mentioned. In exceptional cases, it has to be borne by the client as well.

Although any segment brands can utilize the benefits of 'Truck Advertising' in Ludhiana, but mostly brands from Auto / Lubricant and Construction related industries are found to utilize 'Truck Advertising' more when compared to others.

Once client advertisement is painted / pasted on truck body, proper photos will be submitted to client. Get in touch with MyHoardings team for details on 'End of Campaign' picture of 'Truck branding' campaigns in India.

Most of the advertisers prefer vinyl print wraps for their brand promotion which is easier to remove once the campaign ends. However trucks can also be painted as per client needs and their budget.

The size / area of advertisement display on trucks in Ludhiana depends on the truck chosen for advertisement. You may get in touch with MyHoardings for dimensions of various trucks available for truck branding in India.

Trucks used for advertising of brands can be selected from available fleet in particular regions in India. Mostly various size Ashok Leyland and Tata trucks are used for truck advertising in India.

MyHoardings is an advertisement agency catering to all kind of advertisement needs anywhere in India. We provide branding services ranging from OOH Hoardings to Billboards, Car advertising to Auto Branding, Newspaper advertising to Digital advertising and 'IT Park Ads' to advertising inside metro stations. You may drop your requirement at Business [at] or call at number mentioned above for prompt response.

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