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Chennai Cab Branding,UBER vehicle ads in Chennai,Ola cab branding in Chennai

Chennai Cab Branding

Explore the latest segment of outdoor advertising: The Cab Branding!

For consumers, cabs/ taxis are a budget-friendly travel medium for both short and long distances. But for advertisers, open a whole new segment for effective advertising. Yes! Cab branding in India is the latest addition in the world of out-of-home i.e OOH advertising. Taxi advertising is being seen as a passive medium of advertising. So, the commuters don’t see ads displayed as an interruption but as useful communication messages.

Chennai Taxi advertising and the audience connect

Taxi advertising is a refined way of communicating a brand message.

  • The advertiser’s aim should be that the passenger notices the ad, builds an impression in mind, and recalls the brand when making a purchase decision.
  • The travel time, dwell time owing to traffic jam and traffic signals provides the advertisers the opportunity to interact with the target audience directly.
  • As during the travel time, the consumer is calm, relaxed and in positive frame of mind, the brand message is also well received.

Taxi advertising in Ola cabs and Uber cabs

If you wish to get the maximum benefit from Media Buying and taxi branding than you must choose from either Ola cab or Uber cab for displaying your ads. These two are the most famous brands under cab services in India. Both  are very popular among all sections of the society. However, advertising tactics can vary for both as these brands differ in terms of operation.

How to use OLA and Uber cabs for branding?

Ola cabs offers economic to luxury rides that can be booked via mobile app only. One can choose from Ola micro, mini, share, prime, rental and luxury category of vehicles according to their budget and number of people travelling.  This category of vehicles offered by Ola Cabs help the advertisers to target different sections of the society. For instance a luxury cab can be used for elite brands while economy vehicles like Indica are appropriate for FMCG brands.  Ola cabs also offer’ Ola Play cabs’ which come along with mini LED displays for playing videos and songs while on the move. These LED screens can also be used for in-cab advertising.

Similarly, Uber cabs operate under four broad categories that include UBER Economy, Premium, Accessibility (for wheelchairs or equipped with car seats) and Carpool. The advertisers can target wide variety of audience through branding on different vehicles under Uber cab facility.

Ad placements and benefits through car branding

  • In-side cab: The advertisers can make use of LED screens mounted on the back seats of the cab that are used by travellers for watching videos and listening to music. These touch screens can feature ads. One can also use the back of the car seats for pasting posters and keeping pamphlets.
  • Car Wraps Ads: The most popular way of taxi advertising is by putting the ad as a wrapper around the entire car length. This kind of placement attracts the eye-balls from far away. The visual impact of the creative ad on the cab is much impactful than any other medium.
  • Car carriers: The advertisers can also use car carriers for branding purposes. The carriers have panels for mounting the ad display.

Be it Ola or Uber, the cab culture is new and gaining momentum in metro-semi and metro cities. These cabs offer comfortable and economical rides and offer a lucrative place where the advertisers can passively pitch in their communication message.

Car Advertising Rates in Chennai| Cab Branding Cost in India –

Car Advertising ModeMinimum No of CarsCar Ads Rate/Car/Month
External Door Wrap50₹ 4100
Internal Display100₹ 1300
Digital Screen100₹ 500

FAQ’s for Car Advertising in Chennai

Car Advertising is a category of transit media advertising in India which includes utilizing commercial cabs like Ola and Uber cabs to display brand advertisement on the four doors (external ) or inside car (Backside of the front seat). With growing utilization of private taxi’s in Indian metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, it’s the latest form of transit ads in addition to bus branding, auto ads, metro advertising etc.

MyHoardings provide best rates for transit media advertising options like Car advertising in India in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. Our card rates are most competitive for advertising on Ola and Uber cabs. The rates vary from INR 4K-4.5K/Cab/month depending on the chosen city and number of cars for advertisement.

Minimum order quantity for internal/external car branding campaign in India is 50 cars. For more details get in touch with team at MyHoardings.

Yes. Prices mentioned for car advertisement include both printing and mounting your Ad creative on Ola and UBER cabs.

Yes. Permissions are required in cases. However, MyHoardings takes care of all car advertising permissions in Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi for clients.

The material used for taxi branding is a high quality promotional grade vinyl adhesive.

Yes. Ad creative on the cars can be changed in between the ad campaign. However, printing and mounting charges need to be paid extra and this facility can be availed only for campaigns which run for two or more months.

Minimum duration of any Car advertising campaign in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai is 30 days.

No. GST charges are extra to the mentioned rates for car advertisement services in India.

Although the chances are unlikely, still in case any unexpected damage to creative takes place, once reported / observed MyHoardings will ensure to get it replaced within 3 working days. However, any damage due to natural phenomena like thunderstorm / earthquake / heavy rain etc. will not be considered under this commitment.

Yes. In fact, MyHoardings is one of the Pioneer companies who started this new and highly visible transit media for advertising. MyHoardings have provided advertising services to 100+ clients, which includes brands like HP, Reliance, Indigo, Lanson, QuickRide, Narayana Health, Dunzo, Cars24, 24 Mantra, various Universities and many more.

MyHoardings can execute car advertisement campaigns across all major Indian cities. Please contact us at +91 9953-847639 or drop us an email at business [at]

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