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Taxi Ads in Gurgaon

Taxi Ads in Gurgaon

Gurgaon being center of buzz activities of business, has seen rapid growth in last decade. With growing business, need also grow for advertisement of product / services of corporate companies.

Car advertising in Gurgaon :

Gurgaon recently named Gurugram is the fastest growing city in the National Capital Region. The city is both financial and industrial hub of India. The city is packed with popular shopping malls such as Ambience, water and ride parks like Appu Ghar, corporate park like Cyber City and much more. People in the Delhi/NCR region visit Gurgaon mostly for business and leisure.

How Gurgaon is perfect platform for advertising?

Gurgaon is a city with hectic day life and fun filled night life. The city is on the move 24×7. Be it residents, business travelers, leisure travelers or foreign delegates, the city serves as a hotspot for work, adventure, fun and entertainment for everyone. The advertisers must see this city as an opportunity to interact with the consumer because:

  • High footfall: The city has high footfall of people visiting the city from around Delhi/NCR region especially at weekends.
  • Target audience with different needs: The audience at Gurgaon city is a mix of people from all sections of society like middle class, upper middle class and high class, therefore the city can serve as an n advertising platform for variety of products and services.
  • Empowered consumer: The audience here is either a decision maker or have high purchasing capacity. Brands that wish to target educated, informed and brand conscious audience can make full use of the city’s demographics.

Why choose car branding in Gurgaon over other outdoor advertising medium?

  • Cost-effective: Booking lucrative sites for displaying ads on banners, hoardings or posters might be costlier in comparison to booking cars for branding purposes.
  • Extended exposure: The moment the traveller sit in the car, the brand starts to communicate with the audience in a passive manner. Travel time and dwell time owing to traffic jams and stops at traffic lights all add up to high brand exposure and effective communication.
  • Passive and active audience: Either the consumer travels via car or is an onlooker, in both ways he will be drawn to the colourful brand ads displayed via Cab Advertising. So, whether the consumer is using a cab service or not, the message communicates to both active and passive target audience.

Car branding is apt for Media Planning and advertising campaigns that are tight on budget but aim at mass reach.

MyHoardings is one of leading advertising agency to provide 360 degree ad services to clients including “Ola and UBER Taxi Branding“.

Contact +91 9953847639 for best rates of “Cab branding” in Gurugram , Delhi and Noida.

Car Advertising Rates in India| Taxi Branding Cost –

Car Advertising ModeMinimum No of CarsCar Ads Rate/Car/Month
External Door Wrap50₹ 4100
Internal Display100₹ 1300
Digital Screen100₹ 500

FAQ’s for Car Advertising in Gurgaon

Car Advertising is a category of transit media advertising in India which includes utilizing commercial cabs like Ola and Uber cabs to display brand advertisement on the four doors (external ) or inside car (Backside of the front seat). With growing utilization of private taxi’s in Indian metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, it’s the latest form of transit ads in addition to bus branding, auto ads, metro advertising etc.

MyHoardings provide best rates for transit media advertising options like Car advertising in India in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. Our card rates are most competitive for advertising on Ola and Uber cabs. The rates vary from INR 4K-4.5K/Cab/month depending on the chosen city and number of cars for advertisement.

Minimum order quantity for internal/external car branding campaign in India is 50 cars. For more details get in touch with team at MyHoardings.

Yes. Prices mentioned for car advertisement include both printing and mounting your Ad creative on Ola and UBER cabs.

Yes. Permissions are required in cases. However, MyHoardings takes care of all car advertising permissions in Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi for clients.

The material used for taxi branding is a high quality promotional grade vinyl adhesive.

Yes. Ad creative on the cars can be changed in between the ad campaign. However, printing and mounting charges need to be paid extra and this facility can be availed only for campaigns which run for two or more months.

Minimum duration of any Car advertising campaign in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai is 30 days.

No. GST charges are extra to the mentioned rates for car advertisement services in India.

Although the chances are unlikely, still in case any unexpected damage to creative takes place, once reported / observed MyHoardings will ensure to get it replaced within 3 working days. However, any damage due to natural phenomena like thunderstorm / earthquake / heavy rain etc. will not be considered under this commitment.

Yes. In fact, MyHoardings is one of the Pioneer companies who started this new and highly visible transit media for advertising. MyHoardings have provided advertising services to 100+ clients, which includes brands like HP, Reliance, Indigo, Lanson, QuickRide, Narayana Health, Dunzo, Cars24, 24 Mantra, various Universities and many more.

MyHoardings can execute car advertisement campaigns across all major Indian cities. Please contact us at +91 9953-847639 or drop us an email at business [at]

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