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Car branding in Bangalore

Car advertising in Bangalore

Bangalore officially named as Bengaluru is a megacity that is densely populated with over 1 million populations. It is the third most populous city. It is also known as Silicon Valley of India as it is a major IT hub of India. IT firms began the operation in Bangalore from early 90’s and since then other supporting industries have also established their ground here that has brought huge number of people from all over India. Bangalore has grown really rapidly in the last decade. The construction of the metro has slowed down the city tremendously.

Uber, OLA, Lithium’s e-cabs are some of the service providers in Bangalore that offer app based taxi services. People of Bangalore choose taxi over self driven car because of two reasons


  1. Clogged roads due to excessive traffic jam as the population of Bangalore has increased excessively
  2. Parking issue , as the vehicle per person also has increased with the population

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Car advertising in Bangalore

This new mode of branding has been quite a cost effective option and lot of people opt for it .Many advertising agencies offer money for placing ads on your car. Bangalore is a busy city and there are more people on road and that goes higher during peak hours. So turning the car into a moving billboard that can earn you money and still catches the maximum eyes is a unique and attracting way of Car advertising.

Car advertising in Bangalore is not limited to private cars, but almost all taxi services display advertisements on the car, On the exterior all 4 doors can be covered with high quality vinyl wrap with attractive graphics an even the back of the car can be used to advertise so one can have a 360 degree view of the product. The Interiors are also used uniquely for cab branding and assured visibility and constant exposure.


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