Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

How Car Branding helps?

Fuelling the brand sales through car branding!

We all have seen slogans and tag lines on the back of cars very often. The trend started by making a personal statement on vehicles such as ‘Dad’s gift’, ‘Jaat on the road’, ‘Jai Guru Dev’ and many such catchy lines that would make us remember the vehicle. The brands picked this idea and converted into car branding. Taxi Advertising includes ads on the side panels, car wraps and inside the car ads. Through car branding the brands can be informative and creative at the same time fetching more consumer attention than usual.

How brand sales are affected by car branding?

Car branding is a smart way of advertising your product or service as the mobility of the medium affects the reach and visibility of the brand directly.

The car branding benefits include:

  • Beyond borders: Cabs and taxis move around every nook and corner of the city and any ad displayed on these cars reach the audience spread across different areas of the city. This enhances the visibility and reach of the ad. Through car branding the brand message reaches wider audience.
  • Unique and innovative: Car branding is a new concept and therefore catches attention instantly. Brands like Airtel, Kellogg’s, Ultra Tech Cement and many more have used car branding in different ways to interact with the consumer directly.
  • Ad placement options: Cars offers various ad placement options that help in attracting the eye-balls from various angels. The ads can be placed as car wraps, on the side panels, at the roof tops, back panel and inside the car on the seat backs.
  • Cab culture makes it more effective: In major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad etc, the cab culture have become very popular. Ola, Uber and Meru are the most popular cab services of India. The advertisers find it apt to put ads on the cars of these popular cabs and engage the commuters by interacting with them through car ads, free samples, demos etc while on the move.

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