Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Why Cab Ads ?

What is cab branding and how is it beneficial to both parties?

Cab branding is a type of OOH advertising. OOH stands for Out-of-home advertising or typically just known as Outdoor Advertising. Any kind of media or ad that is displayed out of home or outdoors is a part of outdoor advertisement. Cabs, buses, Vans or any other vehicle branding is a part of it. Cab branding is quite prevalent these days as the economy and standard of living of India is changing and progressing. A lot of people use cabs for commuting to work daily, some of these cabs are company provided and some are available for hire. Company provided cabs are usually private cabs whereas cabs available for hire are affiliated with cab/taxi companies like Meru, Uber and Ola and also some other small ventures. All of these cabs are utilized for marketing purpose and businesses find it beneficial to promote their business through cab branding. Ads are displayed on the body of the car so it is visible to the passengers and passersby. Some of the companies also offer ads on the interior.  It is also quite cost effective.


Cab branding is a win-win situation for both parties (advertiser i.e., Brand and cab owner)-


  • The cab advertising is done in the form of exterior wrap (just like a big full body sticker) and also interior display like foot mats and back seat cover. The exterior section gives you a large space for ad of. These cabs ply throughout the city and have great visibility. Because of the attractive design on a moving object, it becomes hard to ignore. Even if the cab is parked it will still attract passersby and continue its work.
  • The interior section of the cabs is also used for promoting the brand. It becomes hard for the commuters to really ignore the ad even if they travel in the cab for as less as 30 min.
  • This is one of its kinds of advertisement which offers a win-win situation to all the parties that is brands, the cab companies get the commission, the cab owners also get free financing and other perks.
  • It is an effective advertising platform that offers high returns. A solid advertisement campaign using this medium can help boost sales and profit margins by displaying relevant messages that are persuasive and provide reassurance to the buyer.


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