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Car branding in Delhi-NCR

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Make your presence felt in the NCR region with car branding!

NCR region includes Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Rohtak, Gurgaon, Meerut, Sonipat, Noida and Bahadurgarh. NCR region can be seen as a mixed bag of audience wherein audience with different needs, income levels, brand consciousness and purchasing power exists under one roof. This diversity makes NCR region the hot spot for both standard and luxury brands. Despite the scope for wide variety of brands, standing out and attracting the consumers amidst the crowd of other brands needs new ways of brand promotion.

Car branding is being seen as new and unique way to approach the tentative consumer especially in the NCR region as the customer base for cab services is highest here as compared to other areas. Popular cab services like Ola and Uber have become the lifeline of the cities that fall under the NCR region because of the connectivity, ease of booking and affordability.  Cabs are seen as comfortable, personalised and safe travel mediums as compared to other public transport facilities like bus or auto-rickshaws.  The rising popularity of cab services has made them apt mediums for outdoor advertising.

Car branding in Delhi-NCR is highly rewarding because of the following reasons:

  • Proximity: As the cities of NCR region are well connected through roads and highways, the cab services in these areas are high on demand. This makes them apt carriers of brand message to different cities and areas.
  • Economic hub: Cities like Gurgaon and Noida are viewed as cities of social and economic development. Large numbers of professionals travel to and from these cities for jobs or business purposes and cabs is their top choice for everyday travel.
  • Educational institutions: Some of the most renowned educational institutes like Delhi university, Amity university, G.D.Goenka etc fall in the NCR region and many students use cab sharing services for easy, safe and budget friendly travel.
  • Trade and commerce: NCR region include cities like Meerut, Delhi and Gurgaon that are considered as most important cities when it comes to trade and commerce. Therefore, business travellers from all over the country and abroad visit these cities. Business travellers often use airport cab services and local cab services to reach their destination. It is the time when car branding can be pitched to consumers with high purchasing power like business men and foreigners.

Apart from attracting eye-balls, car branding can also benefit the brand in multiple ways such as:

  • Higher brand recall: When the audience see repetitive ads on various mediums such as TV, radio, hoardings and cabs, the consumer mind recognizes the advertised brand more quickly than others at the point of sale.
  • Enhanced brand visibility: With cab branding both the traveler and the onlookers receive the brand message. Moreover, cabs move around different regions at different times resulting into enhanced visibility.
  • Greater Reach: As cabs are not restricted to one city or area, they tap the target audience spread across different cities of the NCR region.
  • Higher brand awareness: Brands can book the fleet of cabs and run the advertising campaign for a fixed duration for making the large number of target audience aware about any new product or service through cab branding.

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