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Car Branding in Pune

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Vehicle branding is an innovative way to create huge impact on thousands of potential customers every day. The idea not just to make the car, bus or rickshaw look good, but to also provide a media channel so as to get your message reached to the target audience. Pune is a busy city with a plenty of vehicles plying on road each day. Many of the cars, buses and other vehicles in Pune often display custom vehicle prints. For car branding in Pune, thanks to Orchid Digitals, who are a pro in creating such amazing designs on the vehicles.

  • You can know the taxi fleet by its brand colour, whereas the trucks have the goods of companies printed on them which they run for. It has a greater customer retention value.
  • The designs are supposed to be colourful and unique, and an artist’s challenge is to conceptualize the design keeping in mind the bottlenecks such as dimensions of the vehicle, doors mirrors, fuel engines, etc. It is generally done by a team of professionals, who understand best the needs of their clients, the graphics to be created and thus make an innovative layout.
  • Orchid Digitals first prepare the designs and then print the same on the special vehicles vinyl that has a high outdoor tenacity. They use high resolution and to protect the images from heat and rain they use matte finish over laminate.
  • For temporary ad campaigns, a more cost effective solution is needed. The companies look for economy rather than the durability of the print. The public transport vehicles such as buses, rickshaws etc. in return for a nominal fee allow the companies to paste messages on their vehicles. This is less costly than the vinyl as mentioned above.

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Brand promotion using “Car Branding in Pune

Vehicle Branding is generally a method of outdoor advertising, which is more eye catching and lasts longer. In view of the ad campaign the vehicle is chosen so as to travel the crowded places and attract potential customers. The Saturn Print Solution is again one such supplier of branding on vehicles, providing service in Vadgaon, Pune. The car branding in Pune is quite famous all over India. It is like a fashion and a unique way to identify the vehicles here.


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