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TV Advertising-The most powerful and massive tool for reaching targeted consumers !

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TV Advertising, Television Advertising India,TV Ads

TV Advertising India

Various forms are used in advertising in different method. Its depending on the product, audience and service, the way of an advertising will differ. Advertising on TV generally means running a Television commercial, usually between 20 to 60 seconds in time duration length, but television advertising can also include product placement and sponsor ships within TV shows. In present, Television advertising is still the most powerful massive tool for reaching targeted consumers for small businesses. The Internet may capture all of the attention now-a-days, but Television is still the media king ever.

TV Advertising, Television Advertisement, Commercial Ads on TV,  Best TV Advertising
Definition of Television Advertising 

It’s the sending of media content or promotional messages to potential program viewers.The audience are influenced by the messages which result shows in actions that beneficial for the advertisers.

TV Advertising History-

Television Advertising India, TV Advertising India, Indian TV Commercials Ads, Cost of TV Advertising
The first TV advertisement was broadcast in the U.S. on July 1, 1941. And the first TV Advertisement broadcast in the United Kingdom was on ITV in September 1955 advertisement for Gibbs Toothpaste.
TV advertising in the India and in other countries involves two major tasks:
* First creating a television commercial that meets broadcast level
* Second one is placing the commercial on TV via a targeted air media buy that reaches the potential customers.

TV Advertising, Television Advertising India,TV Ads

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