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DOOH Advertising:

DOOH is the undisputable monarch of the advertising industry. With promising features and eye-catching visuals, the popularity of this advertising medium is undeniable. DOOH or Digital Out Of Home advertising has been sweeping the advertising world and is showing no signs of slowing down. That is to say, the medium has now become the driving power of the OOH industry in India. As per statistics, the DOOH Screens have roped in nearly 10% of the world’s advertising business. This means that in 2019, this single advertising medium generated a business of almost $ 16.75 billion!

Not only this, digital screen branding is estimated to account for 38.3% of all OOH ads in 2023 as opposed to 28.3% in 2019. Therefore, brands are more likely to switch to technological branding solutions like DOOH Screens. While traditional advertising media options fare well among audiences, people are eager to explore new media technologies. As a result, digital screen branding has become the new reliable advertising medium for brands and advertisers.

The upcoming trends of digital screen branding:

With businesses resuming activities gradually in the post-COVID world, brands are looking to expand their branding possibilities. The advancement of technology, like cloud services, has it easy for made out-of-home networks to expand seamlessly. Along with this, the measurability factor of DOOH advertising has been a huge bonus for brands and advertisers.

As a result, brands are noticing the growing trends of the DOOH market to make the most of this new technology. Some of the upcoming popular DOOH trends are:

  1. Developing the programmatic approach of DOOH and design it to the brands best interest
  2. Keeping an eye on the increasing profit margin of DOOH technology
  3. Utilizing the location aspect in the most appropriate way in DOOH ads
  4. Creative inputs and the general evolution of digital out-of-home advertising.

As the DOOH market is slated to increase by 10.1% each year till 2027, it is only natural that companies and brands are delving deeper into DOOH.

The Future of Digital Out of Home Advertising in India:

In comparison to the US and other western countries, the adoption of DOOH technology in India has been rather slow. As a matter of fact, the DOOH industry in India accounts for only 3 to 5% of the overall revenue generated by the OOH market. It was not before the last two years that DOOH started to garner momentum in the advertising world.

However, having said that, the DOOH industry experienced a slowdown during the months of lockdown in India. Because people were mostly quarantining in their homes, the out-of-home industry, in general, suffered a huge blow. As a result, DOOH advertising has seen a gap in its momentum of popularity.

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DOOH industry trends in India:

In India, digital screen advertising can be a major driver for the advertising industry as a whole. Despite the slack in its growth the last year, the future of DOOH is still bright in India. Sensing the opportunity, even government authorities are chipping in to install more digital screens in public places.

Industry experts have estimated that the Indian digital out-of-home advertising industry is looking at an approximate growth of 20 to 25% in the next few years. This is almost more than double the current total OOH market revenue. The flexibility factor of DOOH ads, which permits advertisers to alter their ads on the go, is giving more fuel to the DOOH medium. Besides flexibility, the added benefit of DOOH is zero hassle and money on printing and mounting services.

Furthermore, India is also witnessing enhancements and developments in infrastructure. This has resulted in a considerable boost in DOOH advertising. To simplify, an increase in the construction of airports, railway stations, malls, metro stations, etc. have presented the scope of installation of DOOH screens in greater numbers. Additionally, the unparalleled quality of the DOOH ads is an attractive affair for brands for carrying out effective advertising campaigns.