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Electricity Bills - Reliance Energy


Ad printing on partial section of electricity bill.

Creative CDR / PDF file to be submitted to MyHoardings.


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TargetHouse Owners / Tenants


Usually not. However, it has to be approved by the electricity company before it's sent to printing.

Both Tata Power and Reliance Energy provide advertisement opportunity to advertisers on the electricity bill which is send to households for energy consumption.

There are broadly two types of options available. First being client ad printed on the bill itself along with main bill and second being inserting client ad on an A5 sheet along with the electricity bill. Pamphlet insertion is also available only with Tata Power and not with Reliance Energy e bills in Mumbai.

An email confirmation from the electricity companies in this regard acts as confirmation to client along with printed copies of advertisement.

Reliance energy electricity bill advertisement is put on the bottom part of the bill and the complete back side is available for advertising purpose. MyHoardings provide end to end services from campaign conceptual to planning and execution for Ad options on electricity bills in Mumbai.

Please call +91 995384-7639 OR drop us an email at business [at] with your detailed requirement (With campaign duration,quantity,size,approx. budget etc)

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