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Smart card - Back Side


Ad printed on back side of Metro card. Long time impact Ad.

Creative CDR / PDF file to be submitted to MyHoardings.


Cards in Circulation2,50,000


Average life of Delhi Metro card for a user is 2.6 years.

Client advertisement can be printed on the backside of Delhi Metro smart card. Majority of Delhi-ites use Metro as transportation mode daily. Having your advertisement present on Metro smart card make sure it get used multiple times in a day and makes it long lasting advertisement media.

Delhi Metro runs on 8 different lines.

Advertisement cost usually depends on the size of order. However the per card cost can vary from INR 15 to INR 21.

Approximate 2.54 million/25 lakh people use Delhi Metro on an average day in Delhi.

DMRC started its operations 17 years back in 2002.

Advertisement options in the form of a complete metro train wrap, branding of panels inside the metro train, advertisement on display boards on Delhi metro stations are few options available for marketing activities for various companies and advertising companies in Delhi.

Yes. We can help clients to plan and execute complete outdoor advertising media campaign for Delhi Metro. MyHoardings can also help you for various other advertisement options like Outdoor hoardings, Uni-poles, Bus branding, Car advertisement and various digital advertising in Delhi.

Please call +91 995384-7639 OR drop us an email at business [at] with your detailed requirement (With campaign duration,quantity,size,approx. budget etc)

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