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    Mall Advertising

    It seems any city's landscape is incomplete without malls in today's times. Earlier malls were limited to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc but the mall culture boomed so drastically that in no time the malls started to pop up even in rural areas. For consumers malls are convenient infrastructures that offer them different facilities like eateries, shopping outlets and entertainment zones under one building. The availability of wide variety of stuff in one roof saves time and effort in juggling from to store to store for various items.

    The mall culture gave birth to a new form of advertising that is mall advertising. Malls became lucrative sites where the advertisers could meet their target audience easily.  Variety of factors like the mall ambience, illumination and spacious galleries help the advertisers to put out their brand message in an impactful manner. 

    The unparallel benefits of mall advertising include:

    Eye-level ad positioning attracts maximum audience attention. 

    Ease of availability of the product advertised in the mall, prompts immediate action. For instance, if a product ad displayed on the ground floor has a message of 50% sale on the store on second floor, the audience will not mind to reach the store in just few minutes.

    High footfall ensures high reach and visibility. Malls are generally located at prime locations of any town or city; this strategic positioning of malls attracts audience from all over the city ensuring greater reach and visibility of the ad displayed in malls.

    Spreads positive word of mouth for the brands advertised in malls.

    Builds more trust and creates brand loyalty for the brand. The brands advertised in malls are perceived as premium brands by the consumers.

    Which areas of mall can be used to put up brand ads?

    Malls are highly spacious and well organised; therefore they provide uncluttered areas for advertising.  Crucial sites for mall advertising include:

    Food court area: Most of the malls have eating outlets at the top floor of the mall. This area has ample seating arrangement where the audience can sit, eat and spend quality time with family or friends. Any brand advertised here will receive maximum audience attention as the customers are either waiting for their order or are enjoying the food.

    Cinema hall advertising:  Multi-screen theatres are major attraction of any mall.  Movie theatres are core crowd pullers for malls therefore cinema hall branding plays crucial role in tuning movie watchers into potential buyers. The advertisers can either choose on-screen advertising or off-screen advertising such as posters, washroom ads, lobby ads etc to capture target audience in the theatre area.

    Arcade and concourse advertising: Malls have huge lobbies and open space ahead of mall entrances that can be used by advertisers to put up banners, hoardings and other forms of advertising.

    Parking lot advertising: Malls size determine the parking lot size, the larger the mall, greater would be its parking area. Parking area advertising attracts the attention of the audience that is either entering or exiting the malls, creating long lasting brand impression.

    Facade advertising:  Facade advertising stands for huge size ads that are displayed on the exterior side of the malls. They are displayed usually to catch the eyes of the passer by who are crossing the mall in their cars or any other vehicle. These ads are of huge size and cover up a significant area of mall's exterior walls.

    What are the various formats of mall ads?

    • Kiosks
    • Banners
    • Posters
    • Digital screen
    • Scroll screens
    • Wall-Mounts
    • Lift Door ads
    • Escalator Wraps
    • Free-standing displays
    • Floor Graphics
    • Roof-hangings
    • Events and Exhibitions
    • Live Demos and sample distribution
    • Digital/static signage

    What is the cost of mall advertising?

    The cost of mall advertising depends on various factors such as:

    Location: The location of the mall is the key factor in deciding the rate of the mall ad. If the mall is located at prime location of any metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc, the cost would be higher than in the malls of small towns and cities like Indore, Surat, Faridabad etc.

    Ad placement: Whether the ad will be displayed inside or outside the mall also determine the cost of the ad. An ad displayed at the ground floor and food court will be higher than the ad displayed on the second or third floor.

    Size and format: The dimensions of the ad and the format of the ad, whether the ad is digital or static, also determine the cost. The larger the size, higher would be the cost.

    Type of mall: Malls can also be divided in categories like Standard, Premium or Luxury mall. The cost of advertising varies in all the three categories. For instance, the mall advertising cost in Luxury mall like DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi will be higher than the advertising in standard mall like Shipra Mall, Ghaziabad. 

    Advertising agency: different advertising agencies quote different cost for implementing mall advertising. As mall advertising fall under outdoor/ out-of-home advertising, one can pick the advertising agency that has expertise in outdoor advertising. 

    Why is Mall Advertising crucial ?

    In the age of advertisement and consumerism, branding at various platforms is one crucial move that each and every company should master to garner the maximum outreach and the attention of people. One such platform is definitely malls which are the hubs of the retail outlets of such brands. Not only will this ensure a constructive promotion of your brand among the urban people but will also increase the chances of creating instant impression in the minds of the people which have all the probabilities of capturing their fancy and might result in them indulging in buying the products. Malls give you the vantage point to reach out to people and usher instantaneous replies from them in one single destination. 

    Even if people do not engage in the action of prompt purchasing, mall advertising gives you adequate chances to make greater contact with your target audience. Mall advertising not only gives you greater probabilities of connecting with the brand conscious people throughout the week but also presents you with the opportunities to come in close proximity to people of all age groups. With efficient strategies of branding and design aesthetics of the advertising materials, mall branding can become of the greatest weapons to mobilize your brand among the people.

    Which kind of audience does Mall Advertising attract?

    Due to the myriad advantage of mall advertising and the rampant urbanization of the Indian cities, mall branding is becoming increasingly popular among advertising agencies and companies. Mall advertising gives you the option of interacting with quite a lot of people from all walks of life, some of which are:

    Well to do families

    School and college students


    Indian and Foreign Tourists

    Elderly People

    Top-rung Executives

    Employees and Professionals of Affluent Companies

    Non-Residential Indians

    Cinephiles and Bibliophiles


    Art and Culture Enthusiasts

    What makes Mall Advertising highly productive?

    Mall Advertising is a relatively new concept among the Indian masses and hence promises a plethora of options and possibilities for the advertising industry. Brands can exercise a diverse variety of options to win the attention of their target audience. Mall Advertising proves to be highly effective because of the following reasons:

    Creatively designed billboards, banner ads in malls, standee ads, and posters work both ways to arrest the fancy and the curiosity of people and to amp up the appeal of the mall. 

    Ambient advertising is the modern day embellishment of both the interior and the exterior space of the malls, hence shopping mall ads are the present day alternative to quirky and fun décor in the most visited retail space in the country.

    Malls are often the sites of various kinds of festivals and events and hence, shopping mall ads, sponsorships and tie-ups go a long way to spread the news of the brand to people from far and wide.

    People go to malls with the intention of indulging in the act of purchasing and in ‘retail therapy’. So, ambient advertising at the malls, in the likes of standee ads, LED displays, back lit signage, kiosk advertising, banner ads in malls, gives your company the maximum chances of earning a sizable proportion of sales from the very venue of advertising.

    A mall is visited by people from all walks of life and from all professions and thus a branding initiative at a mall gives you the access to people irrespective of their profession and their age.

    Tips for Effective Mall Advertising:

    While designing an advertising material for shopping mall ads, the advertising agency and the company must keep in mind the tastes and the ethnic culture of the city. Tapping in to the cultural interests of people increases the chances of resonating with the cultural values of the local people and hence enhances the tendency of winning the hearts and the minds of your probable customers.

    Advertising in malls gives you the advantage of having access to the internal space of the mall which you can utilize for the mall branding activities like the live demonstration of the brand or for holding promotional events of your product. These promotional events or live demonstrations give you ample scope of organizing an interactive session with the visitors in the mall to give them a hands-on experience of the product or the service you are promoting or advertising. Not only does this increase the chances of shooting up the locals sales of the brand but also helps in establishing an equation of trust and loyalty of the brand with the attending people.

    Proper announcement of periodic discounts and sale offers especially during the red-letter days in the calendar year and the important festivals further consolidate the hold of the brand in the economy by concretizing its position in the competitive market.

    Digital advertising options are the new points of interest among people. Therefore, options like Backlit Panels, back lit signage, LED display, along with the traditional options like standee ads, kiosk advertising, hoardings, billboards or any kind of advertisement on facades, banner ads in malls, etc. go hand in hand to put forth a great and a convincing portraiture of a brand through ambient advertising.

    Tie-ups and funding events further the chances to solidify the popularity of the brand. Sponsorship initiatives with the various events and programs of the malls are a quick and an effective way to advertise your brand to people.

    Why should you choose MyHoardings Mall Advertising Services?

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    MyHoardings over the years has made the effort of associating itself with over 1000 advertising and marketing companies situated in all the major cities and even the rural areas of the country which makes it easier and sooner for us to book advertising sites, to provide with the legal aspects of advertising activities such as formalities and clearances along with securing governmental approvals in the shortest time period. 

    Among a horde of Outdoor advertising agencies, MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Private Limited) delivers the most premium services in mall branding and in the advertising world, at large. It also practices expertise in other forms of outdoor and digital advertising solutions. To know more about the latest branding approach, our working procedure, the associated rates with the various branding options in mall advertising and the latest offers on the media options, you can get in touch to have a one-on-one chat with one of our supervisors. 

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