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Tips and Tricks for Effective Mall Advertising

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Ambient Media Mall Branding in India. Non-traditional media options in India.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Mall Advertising!

Malls are the modern spaces created to bring people under one roof for the sake of entertainment, food and shopping. Earlier malls would be considered as posh market area where only people with high purchasing power could visit and shop for international and premium brands. But, today malls cater every section of the society with budget friendly brands like ‘Big Bazzar’, ‘ V-Mart’, ‘Max Apparels’.’McDonalds’ etc. Today, malls are synonym to place for fun, entertainment and shopping open for all. As, malls cater masses, they make up for lucrative advertising and branding opportunities.

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Tips  and Tricks for impressive mall branding:

  • Flash mob Trick : In order to get instant attention of the people inside the mall, brands can opt for flash mob events such as dance, drama or signing performance. The fact that the performers spontaneously gather from malls itself and start performing on loud music in front of the crowd, pulls everyone’s attention.

TIP: Performers can wear costumes or t-shirts with brand name and logo printed on the back and front. To make it more impactful coordinate the colour of t-shirts with  the colour of the brands.


  • Dramatic Demo Trick: People always turn heads to something that is free or they can experience on the spot itself, therefore, brands can really leave the best impression on prospective consumers by handing out free samples to the visitors.

Tip: Go for Live Demos where people can instantly feel and believe the product or service to promote sales. Works best for beauty brands, health care products such as ‘massage and relaxation machines, free car or bike rides etc.


  • Larger than life Trick: Usual is boring for the audience, so surprise the audience with something that they are inevitably attracted to. Brands can install large digital screens, outdoor hoardings,  entrance gate decor, large-format roof-hangings, full-elevator ads etc.

TIP: The shaper, clearer and high definition the visuals, the more attention the brand message will get. Therefore, use crisp images, bright colours and short message to build long-lasting image in viewer’s mind.

Top Mall advertising service provider in India

S. NoMall NameMedia Options
1Lulu International Shopping Mall, KochiAmbient Lit Panel, Pillar Branding, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade,Drop Down
2DLF Mall of India, NoidaBack Lit Panel, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade,Drop Down
3Sarath City Capital Mall, HyderabadKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
4Z Square Mall, KanpurKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, UniPole
5World Trade Park Mall, JaipurBack Lit Panel, Kiosk, Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
6Phoenix Marketcity Mall, BangaloreKiosk, Back Lit Panel
7Elante Mall, ChandigarhKiosk,Standee, Digital Screen, Facade, Drop Down
8Esplanade One Mall, BhubaneswarFront Lit Panel, Paylon, Frisking Booth, Back Lit Signage
9Phoenix Marketcity Mall, ChennaiKiosk,Standee,Digital Screen,Facade,Pillar Branding
10Ambience Mall, DelhiDigital Screen, Lift Branding, Escalator Branding