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Electricity Bills


Ad printing on partial section of electricity bill.

Creative CDR / PDF file to be submitted to MyHoardings.


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Usually not. However, it has to be approved by the electricity company before it's sent to printing.

Electricity bill advertisements in Kolkata can be placed on CESC (Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation) bills.

Advertisement on electricity bills in Kolkata can be done in two ways. First being printing ad on the bill itself and second is advertisement on the envelope of electricity bill.

Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation reaches 34 Lakh consumers on a monthly basis with electricity bills.

Yes. MyHoardings can help you with putting pamphlet insertion along with the electricity bill provided by "Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation".

MyHoardings help corporate companies and Advertising Agencies both with best rates for advertising options on electricity bills in Kolkata.

Please call +91 995384-7639 OR drop us an email at business [at] with your detailed requirement (With campaign duration,quantity,size,approx. budget etc)

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