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RATE(Per Sq. Cm.) : CARD RATE₹750 OFFER RATE₹700

The minimum ad size accepted is 20 Square cm for all pages except front page(Page 1), which should be a minimum of 240 Square cm.

Creative format required - PDF/X1a. Booking deadline - 2 days prior to release date.



Newspapers have their own loyal readers. Therefore, by advertising in Free Press Journal newspaper, one can easily spread brand awareness to demography which is otherwise not reached by other mediums. Therefore, through newspapers, brands can easily target audiences of particular geographic areas and socio-economic demographics.

The commonly used term of newspaper advertising is classified advertising. Along with featuring ads in the ‘Classifieds’ section in the newspaper, ads can also be featured in the online versions of the newspapers and periodicals. These periodicals can either be freely distributed with Free Press Journal Newspaper or have to be brought along with the newspaper. The other term of newspaper ads used in the late eighteenth century was known as ‘want’ ads.

To arrest the attention of the maximum number of viewers a few pointers need to be kept in mind. For instance, the headline is the first to catch the attention of the readers. Therefore, the headline should be framed uniquely and creatively. Additionally, the body of the message should not be too long. Care should be taken that the copy should be written appropriately informative without boring the viewers. Along with this, the benefits and a comprehensive comparison should also be mentioned diligently too. And while closing the ad, the ad should also have the necessary information about the website, the contact number, the address of the shop, and other information required for purchasing the products.

People are generally of the perception that ads in a newspaper need to be featured in the ‘Classifieds’ section. However, non-classified ads are those that are not limited by size or length. These Non-Classified advertisements are, therefore, more profound than text ads which are usually found in the ‘Classifieds’ section. Hence, for instance, the full front-page Newspaper Advertising in India are display ads or non-classified ads.

To publish an ad in Free Press Journal newspaper, you need to first select the ‘Classified Text Option’ to place a booking. You can then choose the kind of ad you wish to feature in the ABC newspaper. Your choice of the newspaper will also be asked from you along with the city where you wish to publish your Newspaper ad and the rate of the ad.

There is no specific rate that can be ascribed to publishing an advertisement in an Indian newspaper. Moreover, the cost of a Newspaper Ads depends on quite a few factors, namely – the location of the publication, the color, the frequency, and the day of the week of the publication, along with the circulation size of the ad.

To post a matrimonial ad in a newspaper of your choice, one needs to first select the kind of ad, i.e., text ads or display ads. Followed by this, you are required to select the brand of the newspaper, the location of publication of the ad, and your desired ad package. You can then give the date of publishing the ad and draft your ad to get it published by your desired newspaper.

Yes, there are varying discount offers for advertising in varying newspapers be it regional or national. To know more about the latest discounts on Newspaper Advertising in India and the price range of the publication of ads in a newspaper, you can visit their website or have a detailed chat with the executives at the customer relations department of the newspaper.

The most favorable day to post an ad in a newspaper is, undoubtedly, a Sunday since the readership base on a Sunday is the highest. However, the day of the week for publishing an ad in any newspaper is directly dependent on the kind of ad you wish to publish. For instance, the favorable days of the week are different for property, matrimony, jobs, etc. You are advised to get in touch with the concerned newspaper to know about their advertising policies.

The rate of an ad is charged in square centimeters in most of the newspapers. The size of a full-page ad is around 1700 sq. cm. which means that the full-page ad is the costliest feature ad in a newspaper. However, the rate is dependent on quite a few factors. For instance, the size of the circulation of the newspaper, the colors used in the ad, the city where you choose to circulate your advertising, etc. are the few factors which determine the rate. The Newspaper Advertising rates in India vary as per the choice of the newspaper, its popularity, and the time of the year. So, it is not possible to state a definite figure on the price of full-page advertising in Indian Newspaper without having proper values of above mentioned parameters.

House ads are the kind of advertising in a newspaper that is published by the newspaper itself to notify about the rate of purchasing ad space in that particular newspaper. Generally, each edition of a newspaper does feature a house ad to let the advertisers and the viewers know about the price of ad space in the newspaper.

Newspaper insert ads are full-page ads that are found attached along with a newspaper issue. These are usually in the form of flyers and leaflets and are inserted in the middle pages of a newspaper during its distribution. The Newspaper insert ads in India are easier to spot as readers can pull out the insert ad from the newspaper conveniently. Another primary advantage of an insert ad is that it helps to exercise greater control over cost. That is to say, if you wish, the leaflets can only be delivered in a specific locality, town or even a market base. As a result, Free Press Journal newspaper insert advertisement is the most cost-effective options for many small businesses and start-ups.

The process of publishing an ad is an intricate and elaborate one. Each step needs to be thoroughly followed to get the desirable results. To state it broadly, you first need to specify the category of ad that you wish to be published and the ad format, i.e. whether the ad will be a classified text or a display ad. Carefully choose the city of the circulation of your Newspaper Ad. You can also choose the circulation of the ad in the whole country at once. Then draft your ad properly by writing the copy diligently and by selecting the right sub-category. No advertising will win the attention of the viewers if its representation is bland. You should, therefore, add the most appropriate enhancement in an ad like the right color, font or border to make it graphically recognizable. The last step includes selecting the date/ dates of publication of the ad followed by making the required payment.

Yes, you can choose your desired language for the publication of the ad in any newspaper

There are ample benefits of advertising in a local newspaper. For instance, the average turnover of the cost per impression in a local newspaper is more than that achieved through online branding. Also, there is an additional benefit of the authenticity of the medium of a newspaper with respect to the overwhelming ads on the internet all the time. This provides for better results in advertising because the effectiveness of an ad comes out to be more in the case of a local newspaper.

‘Quarter page’ refers to one-fourth of the size of a newspaper page which can print up to 7-8 columns of text in the regular size. Each of the columns is around 3-4 centimeters in breadth with a length of 50-52 centimeters. Therefore, a quarter of a newspaper page comes out to be around 15-16 cm in breadth and 25-26 cm lengthwise.

The price of half-page advertising in an Indian newspaper is directly dependent on the newspaper you opt for and the number of columns that your ad will take up. Another factor that determines the price of an ad is the page of the newspaper where you wish to place your ad. For instance, the price of a front-page ad will always be more than say a second page or an ad on the third page in a newspaper. You can also expect the price to vary as per the circulation of the newspaper or in simple words, the popularity of the newspaper.

The rates of Newspaper Advertising for matrimonial ads are heavily dependent on the area of circulation of the newspaper and the frequency of the ads. You can also expect quite a lot of discounts and deals on matrimonial ads too as it falls under the ‘Classifieds’ section. Contact with the customer relations section of your desired newspaper to know more about the current rates of publication of a matrimonial ad.

Many leading newspapers in the country have dedicated sections or slots for the publication of property ads for Newspaper Advertising. This ensures that your ad has the maximum probability to reach your target audience. So, the prices of Newspaper Advertising can be expected to be on the higher side than the other kids of ads. However, you can also book a display ad space or a classified text space in a newspaper too if you are on a tight budget. Contact MyHoardings on numbers mentioned above for the newspaper of your choice and to know the price range in detail.

A print ad campaign is one such that uses the print medium for advertisement purposes. The print medium comprises of magazines, newspapers, banners, leaflets, brochures, flyers, etc. to reach out to probable consumers.

Print media advertising can be more effective than ads on the internet. This is because the physical presence and tangibility of a print media ad can be more influencing than the ads on the internet. The high resolution of a photograph or graphics goes a long way in etching a brand image in people’s minds. Print media is also more effective in weaving a whole story in an ad with expert copywriting and crafty designing. Newspaper Advertising in India creates the general trust factor also plays a big role in print media as opposed to web advertising which is notorious for fake information and ads. Lastly, unlike ads on the internet which are mostly thrust on people, with print media, people have the independence of choosing to view the ad. To sum it all up, with print media advertising you can easily win more effective viewership than advertising on the web which is mostly randomized.

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