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Notice Board - Poster

RATE(Per Poster) : CARD RATE₹4000 OFFER RATE₹3200

Ad placement on Apartment Notice Boards.

Creative CDR / PDF file to be submitted to MyHoardings.


Target AudienceWorking Professionals / Business Men / Families


1 Week to 1 Month

RWA stands for Resident welfare associations, which are usually formed in various apartments and buildings which accommodates more than 10 families. Many large RWA’s can even have thousands of families in their societies.

“RWA Advertising” OR “Apartment Advertising” OR “Bangalore Societies Advertisement” provides opportunities to advertisers to market their brands and products to a very targeted audience who stay inside Bangalore apartments.

MyHoardings is a leading Advertising Agency in Bangalore to provide advertising services inside Bangalore apartments in the form of Notice Board Advertisement, Lift or Elevator branding, setting up Kiosks in the Bangalore residential societies and carrying out various promotional activities inside the Bangalore Apartment premises.

Clients can be charged for advertising activities inside Bangalore apartments in 2 ways. First being per apartment and the second being the more accurate one - per Family basis

One way of carrying out branding activity inside Apartments is Lift advertising in Bangalore. A4 size printed sheet can be placed inside visible glass boxes in majority of big apartment complexes in Bangalore for brand promotion.

Please call +91 995384-7639 OR drop us an email at business [at] with your detailed requirement (With campaign duration,quantity,size,approx. budget etc)

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