Advertising in Rural areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Rural Advertising

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Kiosk rates are variable as per size, location and quantity. Contact MyHoardings for details.

Kiosk creatives has to be submitted in .pdf format. Lead time is 1 week.

Roadshow Vehicles


Prices are decided based on the vehicle selected, tenure of the ad campaign and selection of Vinyl/Paint to be used for display ads.

Need To Provide Artwork in PSD/PDF/CDR/AI format. Ads will be wrapped and displayed on vehicles. Lead time may vary as per design required.

Wall Wrap


Wall paint rates varies as per design of ad, quantity of work and locations. Contact MyHoardings for details.

Design has to be provided. Execution plan will be shared after reviewing requirements.



Rural advertising consist of various brand promotion activities carried out by companies in Indian villages in order to target rural audience.

Media options like Mobile van advertising, Kiosk Advertising and Wall painting can be used to target rural markets in Arunachal Pradesh.

Rural markets, unlike their urban counterparts are highly difficult to predict, and have specific characteristics. The rural population is mostly mix of low and medium level irregular income and flow of income may vary as per output of the monsoon winds.

Rural promotion or brand activation in village areas of India primarily include set of activities to enhance particular brands penetration and visibility in remote village areas in certain geographical location.

In growth story of India being a developing nation, villages have played a pivotal role. Overall development has reached villages as well and same can be observed in data of average spending per household. Growing purchase power attract brands to grow their footprint in Indian villages.

MyHoardings can help brands build their rural marketing strategy. With vast experience in promotion brands in rural markets in Arunachal Pradesh, MyHoardings can provide expertise for planning and hassle free execution of ad campaigns and branding in every corner of India.

Challenges remain in rural sector of India. Data shows that people under the poverty line has not reduced at an expected rates. Along with that, lack of better transport infra, multiple languages and dialects, low income per family and seasonal demand clouts rural markets with clouds of uncertainty.

Since rural markets remain uncertain when compared to urban localities, performance measurement also cannot be produced in limited time periods. Sustained presence in market is the key to perform in Indian villages and performance can only be verified with sales data in hand for ample period.

Yes. As an established rural branding agency, MyHoardings help brands to provide end to end rural marketing solutions in India. We also provide and manage experienced promoters for interactions with villagers who can be beneficial in Kiosk branding and roadshow advertising in Arunachal Pradesh.

Yes. MyHoardings is growing rural advertising agency in India and multiple brands have collaborated with MyHoardings to execute their rural marketing campaigns in Arunachal Pradesh.

Products can be promoted with static ads like hoarding, wall painting or interactive mode of branding involving promoters using Kiosks or roadshow advertisement.

Wall painting is most popular and impact creating mode of advertisement in Indian Villages. Brand promotion in Villages with Wall painting consist of painting client creatives on available walls in rural areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Wall wraps are usually large size flex or vinyl stickers pasted on road walls, offices buildings, retail areas in India. Wall wrap is an extremely economical and cost effective mode of outdoor advertisement and branding in India, especially in rural areas.

Growth story of Indian villages in past few decades is a well-known. Will rise in rural economy, more brands plan to penetrate in Indian villages in order to increase company footprint and enhanced sales.

Roadshow advertising is used to promote a company products and services by displaying same on vehicles and carrying vehicle in busy rural areas. Usually promoters also accompany roadshow in order to explain the product or plans to the rural customers.

Rural marketing activities vary highly when compared to urban marketing which need separate planning and crafting different messages for different group of target audience. Rural marketing is also dependent on the geographical, cultural and social formats of living.

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