Airport Advertising

How airport advertising can help your build your brand?

Airport advertising is not a new concept but the increasing number of travellers via aeroplane has definitely uplifted the impact of airport advertising. The rising number of travellers can be credited to low fares, different range of airline services and online booking system. The increased number of flyers has also enhanced the impact of airport advertising. So, if you wish to use airport advertising as a standalone marketing tactics or include it as a part of advertising campaign, in both the ways, airport advertising will give your brand the boost it needs.

Here is how airport advertising can help you build a brand:

  • Attract attention: Big size banners and hoarding at airports, attract attention easily. The airport ads play 24×7 and the flights are also scheduled for 24×7. Therefore, the ads are open to audience for long duration, creating greater impact than any other medium.
  • Stimulates Recall: The dwell time at airport when people are either waiting for flight announcements or wait at luggage collection area gives the advertised brand enough time to interact with the target audience and make a long lasting impression. This exposure, influences the consumers at the time of purchase, the consumers are inevitably dragged to pick your brand as they have seen its visuals and these visuals stay in the unconscious mind for long.
  • Mass Market: The best thing about airport advertising is that it caters to large audience at one place. Flyers might belong to different regions, income levels, practice different lifestyles but the ad displayed at terminals, parking or at waiting areas is open to one and all and appeal to the entire group of potential consumer under one roof.

Airport advertising proves to be highly influential because the audience at the airport is very receptive. The airport environment, dwell time and long exposure, gives audience reason to experiment and explore new product and brands. Therefore, if a brand wishes to establish higher brand awareness, brand recall and brand visibility then airport advertising is a must!