Madurai Airport Advertising

Madurai Airport Advertising

Airport Ad Media for Brand Promotion

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    Luggage Trolley ads play important role in airport advertising.

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    Conveyor Belt ads at Airport.

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    Airport Billboards in India.

The passenger traffic experienced by the Madurai airport on an average is around 8.5 lakh people per month.

The various media branding options available for airport advertising at the Madurai Airport are:

  1. Airport Baggage Trolley Advertising
  2. Airport digital screen advertising
  3. Conveyor Belts Advertising
  4. Security Tray Advertising
  5. Wifi Package Advertising
  6. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Times of India newspaper
  7. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Economic Times newspaper
  8. Advertising in the Interior of a tarmac coach
  9. Advertising in the Exterior of a tarmac coach
  10. Advertising in the waiting/ lounge area of the airport
  11. Advertising in the Security Area Hold of the airport
  12. Advertising in the outside area of the airport
  13. Advertising in the arrival area; and
  14. Advertising in the departure area of the Madurai Airport.

The available options for airport advertising in the lounge area of the Madurai Airport are:

  1. Digital Vertical Standees
  2. Tabletop Display
  3. LCD with Sponsored Content
  4. Mobile/ laptop charging stations, etc.

The average number of flights which fly in and out of the Madurai Airport are 9600 per month.

The lounge of the Madurai Airport has a provision of Airport digital screen advertising. The rates of advertising on one such screen is 31000 INR per screen per month.

To know about the rates of the other media branding options in the Madurai Airport for airport advertising, get in touch with us by calling us at (+91) 99538 47639 or by writing to us at

Yes, there is a lounge facility for the flyers in the Madurai Airport.

Yes, the Madurai Airport does have an international terminal. Besides connecting the city to the other major Indian cities, the airport is also connected to a few other international cities too like Colombo, Dubai, Singapore, etc.

Yes, there is an additional printing and mounting charge in the interior branding of the tarmac coaches in the Madurai Airport which is not included in the rate chart of this media branding option.

The branding options available in the interior of the tarmac coaches in the Madurai Airport for airport branding are:

  1. 25-30 grab handles; and
  2. 8 static panels.

The advertisement of your brand can be wrapped on both the sides of the tarmac coaches including even the windows of the coaches. The advertisement will be in full display for the entire duration of its operation which is 18 hours.

The lead time for the exterior branding of the tarmac coaches in the Madurai Airport is longer than the usual lead time for the other media branding options which is around 1 weeks’ time in general.

The dimensions of these wrap ads on the exterior of the tarmac coaches in the Madurai Airport will be provided to you at the time of the confirmation of the airport advertising deal with MyHoardings.

The dimensions of the design layouts to be pasted on the 3 sides of the luggage trolleys for airport baggage trolley advertising at the Madurai Airport will be provided at the time of the confirmation of the airport advertising deal with MyHoardings.

The minimum time for booking an airport advertising campaign at the Madurai Airport is 1 month, unless otherwise mentioned or stated.

For booking an airport advertising deal at the Madurai Airport, you are required to pay an additional GST of 18% on the rates of the different media options that you opt for branding purposes in the airport.

The creative design formats for the submission of the design layouts for airport advertising of your brand in the Madurai Airport are .cdr, .ai and .pdf.

The guidelines followed by the Madurai Airport for airport advertising are:

  1. The Madurai Airport authorities follow a strict code of rules for the design layouts of the advertisements. You are to follow each and every one of them closely, failing of which can lead to the rejection of the whole campaign altogether.
  2. For a branding campaign to go live in the Madurai Airport, it takes around 3 weeks of time.

Yes, the Madurai Airport has the provision of allowing multiple brands to advertise in a single ad space.

You are required to pay in advance for the airport advertising campaign after the campaign is designed effectively, the availability of the ad spaces verified and your ad deal confirmed with MyHoardings.

As proof of execution, MyHoardings will share pictures of the ad spaces in the Madurai Airport with you which have been graced with your brand’s advertisement within 2 days.

The Madurai Airport is mainly visited by the corporate employees, the people form the MNCs, entrepreneurs from the small and medium enterprises and professionals from the Public Sector Units. Tourists also form a sizeable portion of the passenger traffic in the Madurai Airport, making it one of the busiest airports in the southern part of the country and thus, a suitable place for advertising your brand to capture the fancy of the highly captive audience.

The Madurai Airport is expanding its services and its operations with each year. With the extension of the airport, not only will you get greater opportunities to engage in regional branding but also, invest in national branding at the same time. Investing in an airport advertising campaign in the Madurai Airport will expose your brand to the most affluent and influential people of the city and the state, ensuring a sizeable revenue generation and popularity for the brand from the southern-most state of the country.

As an airport advertising agency, MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Private Limited) enjoys nationwide popularity and confidence in airport advertising. The authorities of the Madurai Airport have given us the provision of exclusive rights to the ad spaces of the airport and thus, as an airport hoardings company, we enjoy a special status in the Madurai Airport due to our diligence and our professionalism. Our team at MyHoardings will assist you in each step of the way for airport branding at the Madurai Airport, curating your advertising campaign, and giving you the best solution that will be appropriate for your budget. Along with providing our clients with the most affordable rates and the best deals for airport advertising, we offer professional assistance and guidance from the scratch. Get your brand noticed to the right audience to get the desired sales and revenue generation from the airport advertising campaign at Madurai Airport. Just write to us at business [at] or talk to us directly at (+91) 99538 47639.