Airport Advertising in India

Give wings to your brand with airport advertising!

In today’s time, airports are more than just a place for taking flights, airports have turned into an environment where you can shop, eat and relax while you wait for flight’s boarding time. Airport advertising comes under the category of out-of-advertising (OOH). ¬†Where TV, print and radio commercials are seen as loud and forceful advertising, outdoor advertising is considered as more subtle way of reaching the target audience.

Who is the target audience for Airport advertising?

Airport has a footfall of variety of travelers such as:

  • Business travelers
  • Leisure travelers
  • Expatriate workers
  • Airport staff
  • Students

The audience at the airport is in relaxed state of mind. The dwell time at airports make them more receptive to communication. During the dwell time when the travelers are sitting at the airport waiting for their flight announcements, they become more active of their surroundings. They inevitably notice the ads displayed and the long duration exposure of the ad influence their decision when they make purchase.

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Which brands can make use of airport advertising?

As airports has diverse audience, any brands that promises value for money, establishes status, uplifts lifestyle or makes the life of travelers’ easy and comfortable makes up for airport branding.¬† One can see ads of luggage brands, clothing lines, cosmetic brands, gadget brands etc. using airport advertising in full throttle for maximum reach and visibility.

How domestic airport branding is different than international airport branding?

Domestic airport comprises of travelers that belong to the country itself. They are either travelling for business or for leisure. Their demographics revolve around the Indian culture and emotions. On the other side international airports observes foreign delegates and people mostly travelling for business purposes and also students studying abroad. The airport branding differs in approach, communication message and appeal for both domestic and international airports.

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Traits of Domestic airport branding:

  • Emotional appeal
  • Brands that offer value for money
  • Triggers influencers (Kids, students and home makers)
  • Domestic brands

Traits of International airport branding:

  • Rational appeal
  • Brands that promise luxury and uplifts lifestyle
  • Triggers decision makers (financially independent members)
  • International brands

Why airport advertising is beneficial for brands?

Be it a service brand, corporate brand, personal brand or any other brand that can be of any use to the consumer is benefited by airport advertising in various ways such as:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Positive brand reinforcement

What are the ad placement options at airport?

Airport is built around huge space and therefore it offers various ad placement options such as:

  • Backlit displays
  • Ad wraps on floors, poles and ceilings
  • Banners
  • Benches
  • Tram shelters
  • Airport lifts
  • Conveyer belts Branding
  • Airport lobby
  • Washrooms
  • Digital screens such as LEDs, swipe screens, tabs etc.
  • Luggage trolleys

Airport advertising can be used as a part of any big advertising campaign to boost the aura of any brand.