Airport Advertising in India

Airport Advertising in India

Airport Advertising in India is tool used for marketing a product or brand. Airport advertising can be defined as the billboard and hoardings, digital or non digital ads that are placed in and around domestic and international airports. They are one of the form of OOH advertisement. The purpose of these hoardings is similar to any other hoarding that is to deliver a message on behalf of the company and to raise awareness about the unique selling points of the product. It is highly useful and moreover a necessity for global business platforms and e-commerce.

There are many benefits of airport advertisement

  • Airport works round the clock and airport advertisement the helps the companies to reach the commuters and travelers throughout the day and night for extended period of time. Travelers spend long time at airports for security check in and checkout, at the baggage counters and needless to mention the waiting hours. So, Airport ads provide extended exposure and assured visibility.


  • Airport advertisement is getting popular day by day as air travels are also becoming common with growing infrastructure and flights are getting more cost effective. The effectiveness of the advertisement increases with increasing footfall at the airport.


  • Catchy airport advertisements are really effective in reaching the masses that fly on routine basis. Airport advertisements are effective for companies of all sizes and are offered in various budgets.
  • Airport advertisement reaches the elite class and decision makers. So the effectiveness is directly proportional to the number of people that use flights for their commute.

There are many kinds of airport advertisements available for small, mid and large size companies.

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Let’s look at some kind of Airport advertisement here –

  • Posters that have backlit are very common and have good visibility because of lighting.
  • Banners are just like billboards that need a big space and easily catch attention because of size.
  • LCD display boards – People spend so much time at the airport that they are bound to notice their surroundings and LCD boards also catch attention because of moving pictures.
  • Advertisement on the buses use for commuting to airplanes near the runway. The colors and size does matter when it comes to  Airport Advertising in India.

Advertisement near and around the airport also helps to promote business and can be considered as airport media. It is very east to reach your target audience and has a great rate of return. Airport advertisement helps businesses to flourish and expand and proves to be a high visibility and assured return investment. Airport Advertising agencies establish contracts with airports to display ads and billboards.

Airport Ad Media for Brand Promotion

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    Luggage Trolley ads play important role in airport advertising.

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    Conveyor Belt ads at Airport.

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    Airport Billboards in India.

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