Branding at Jaipur Airport

Airport Advertising in Jaipur

Airports are the best areas to affluent and target businessmen, NRIs, tourists, professionals, and many other people. Undoubtedly, using the airport as the Out-of-Home advertising media is such a great idea to hit a large number of international people. Jaipur Airport entertains numerous domestic as well as international passengers.

Nowadays, various advertising companies provide digital advertising for airports. Other than this, there are plenty of creative ideas which are provided by advertising agencies in order to increase the brand recognition. Product display, Backlit hoarding, removable posters are the most common ideas to grab.

Though it is costlier to put an advertisement in airport areas, but it gives the higher return compared to other OOH advertisement techniques. The cost of airport advertisement varies from area to area. The prominent areas for airport advertising are:

  • Luggage trolleys: A beautiful collection of airport trolleys is one of the cheapest airport advertisements in Jaipur.
  • Arrival area: Highlighting the arrival with the lighted big hoarding attract people more and encourage the point-of-sale.
  • Departure area: The area is extremely effective for enhancing the brand awareness or put brand campaigns. Convey brand messages through airport Wi-Fi, flight info display, etc.
  • Security checks areas: Everyone who comes and goes out of the airport will have to pass through security check areas. It’s a perfect place for some small advertisements.
  • Outside airport: A unique and intriguing Airport advertising option for the seeker of brand awareness!
  • Waiting area: All the airports have long seating and waiting areas where people kill their time waiting for flights. Any advertisement set in waiting area is good enough to become the piece of observation by waiters!

Various companies are competing for getting the rights to advertise inside or outside the airport as it targets more people and become the brand for leisure and business travelers. Eye-catchy advertising at airport influences the mind of many and bring huge profit to brand awareness and brand recognition.

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