Airport Advertising: the most fruitful ways of advertising in modern times!

Characteristics of airport audiences:

  • Well Informed
  • Educated
  • Decision makers
  • High Purchasing Power
  • Business travelers
  • Leisure Travelers

State of Mind of the airport audience:

  • Relaxed
  • Excited
  • Willing to interact
  • Receptive mood
  • Alert

Brands than can benefit from airport advertising:

  • Luxury brands
  • Lifestyle brands
  • Food brands
  • B2B Brands

Ways of Airport advertising:

  • Brand outlets
  • Eating joints (Haldirams, Starbucks, Dominos etc)
  • LED Screens
  • Airport Hoardings
  • Posters in the parking lot
  • Luggage Trolley ads
  • Lift ads
  • Ads on luggage conveyer belt
  • Brand Kiosks


Why advertising on Airport works effectively?

  • Brands interact with the audience that is excited, more receptive and aware audience.
  • Brands utilize the long dwell time at the airport to engage the audience and tell them the brand story, brand products and benefits that they might not be interested in on other busy days of life.
  • The relaxed state of mind, receptive mood and airport ambiance sum up of for a better concentration of the airport audience.
  • The brands communicate with the audience that has high purchasing power and are decision makers in the family. Therefore any message aimed at this audience affects their buying decision and thus increasing sales of the brand.
  • Brands advertised at airports are perceived as ‘high value brands’. This benefits both the brand and the consumer, as brands create an impression of being valuable and elite while the consumer fell will invest in something that will reflect their status.

Airport advertising can put help in pumping the sales of any brand if done effectively.  According to the reports by 2034, total airport passengers are going to double up across the world. These statics foretell the future of airport advertising in India and abroad. For best rates and impactful airport advertising in India, you can hire MYHOARDINGS outdoor advertising agency. The agency has a team of experts and is associated with more than 1000 advertising and marketing agencies all across India to offer best rates at various locations.

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