Pune Airport advertising

Pune Airport advertising !!

If you are looking for OOH options in Pune and Mumbai , then your search should stop at airport advertising. Pune is a city best known for IT industries and world-class education institutes. The consumer here is well informed, educated and a decision maker. So, if you wish to target this class of consumer than you must include airport advertising in your promotional strategy.

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Let the brand do the talking!

Airport advertising has numerous benefits over other outdoor or conventional ways of advertising such as TV commercials or radio announcements because:

  • Dwell time: Airport gives the advertisers the advantage of dwell time. This dwell time is when the audience is not pre-occupied with other tasks and is simply waiting for their flight announcements. This time can be very well used to create long lasting image in consumer’s mind. Big hoardings, series of posters and banners can be at the airports for attracting the target audience.
  • Passive communication: Airports have a very stress free ambience, commuters are either waiting or coming to bid goodbye to their close ones, at this time the mind of the consumers is very receptive and open to all sorts of communication. Therefore, the attractive ads will inevitably grab the eye balls and communicate the message in a subtle manner.
  • Saturation and influence: The repetitiveness also influences the consumers mind. For instance if you have series of pole ads running alongside the approach road of airport terminal or at the airport parking area, the consumer will notice them and their mind will saturate by the consistency of ads they are watching. Therefore, at the purchase time their mind will unknowingly pick your brand over others.

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