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Branding at Coimbatore Airport

Coimbatore is a major city in one of the most important south-Indian states of Tamil Nadu. The airport in this city is a significant point of contact for the local people as flights ply regularly to all the domestic airports of the country as well as beyond. Considering it is the 15th largest airport serving the nation, Coimbatore Airport experiences an abundance of footfall every day, courtesy the six domestic and two international airlines that serve the passengers at the airport. Organically, advertising at Coimbatore Airport draws a lot of audience from all over the world who enter the country/city through this gateway. As a result, Coimbatore airport offers a hot-spot for both local as well as national business owners/organizations as ideas here sell like hot cakes.

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Airport advertising at Coimbatore Airport

If a business ad, company profile, etc. can occupy space at Coimbatore airport, it is sure to grab the attention of onlookers, aka passengers. Luggage trolley advertising, along with flaplets and stickers rank high on the list of the best medium of advertising in Coimbatore Airport. With globalization at its peak and foreign delegates visiting India more than ever before, advertisement at airports has become one of the most reliant ways of advertising one’s brand/label. Coimbatore Airport, being a significant international airport, speaks volumes of its noteworthiness and hence, a potential spot for companies.brands/organizations/businesses seeking fast, efficient and wide-spread promotion.

It is said that on an average, we end up spending one-one and a half hours in an airport. The airport welcomes the companies with a hot spot to engage people in their company’s profile in that short span of time and therefore acts as a great platform for a mutual interaction between interested onlookers and brands seeking to promote their profile via Airport Branding.

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