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Boarding Pass

RATE(Per Boarding Pass) : CARD RATE₹₹ 5 OFFER RATE₹₹ 4.5

Rate for 1 Boardings Pass

Artwork to be provided. It may take approx 20 days for campaign execution.


Fleet Size114


Once checking out, you will come to know about minimum order. Alternately, you may call the number mentioned above.

Air India airlines offer innovative branding opprtunities to interact with the flyer on one to one basis, such as, Boarding pass branding, Head rest cover, in-flight sampling, seat back braning etc.

Air India covers 94 domestic and international locations and has an average monthly passenger traffic of 1,345,336. If a brand is advertised in Air India airlines, it will reach both national and international audience. The flyers are mostly a mix of expatriate workers, professionals, NRIs, tourists and families.

Definetly! The best part abour Air India airlines is that it has First Class, Executive Class and Economy class. All the divisions diffe in terms of price, services and luggage allowance. The advertisers can choose there audience and advertise either for all the audience in the air craft or for a selected class. Air India also has 8 Premium or 'Maharaja' lounges for business and first class travellers only. This makes it easier to communicate to elite audience who has high purchasing power andare decision makers of the family.

The in-flight magazine ' Shubh Yatra' is published in both Hindi and English language monthly. The advertisers can book ads for cover page, full page or dual page ads. The magazine is published monthly. One needs to book an ad spacefor a minimum of one month duration for the in-flight magazine.

The in-flight enetrtainment option of Air India offers digital screens like tablets and seat back screens to the flyers to enetratin themselves while on board. The advertisers can stream ads in between the movie apps, songs apps etc and can also run static ads on screens, that play automatically when the flyer is not using any in-flight enetrtainment options.

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