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Boarding Pass

RATE(Per Boarding Pass) : CARD RATE₹₹ 3 OFFER RATE₹₹ 2

Rate for 1 Boardings Pass

Artwork to be provided. It may take approx 20 days for campaign execution.


Fleet Size50

Occupancy Rate0.85


It can take 3-4 weeks once payment confirmation is done.

Most effective in-flight branding options for airlines such as Vistara includes, magazine ads, newspaper stickers, Wi-Fi branding, seat-back ads and meal-box branding.

The in-flight magazine 'Vistara-Unplug,Unwind' covers topis such as food, travel, art,lifestyle and health. This opens advertising opprtunities for wide range of luxury brands. To attract business class flyers, brands can publish B2B ads for industrial products.

The brans can attract wide range of audience through vistara airlines, such as Business class through B2B ads, Economy class through FMCG product ads and premium class through high-end luxury brand ads.

Vistara airlines registered a passenegr traffic of approximately 2Million+ in June,2016. It is also the 6th largest Domestic airlline of India and covers 24 destinations across India.

The Vistara airline's boarding pass banding includes brand logo, brand colour and tag line.

The advertising cost of boarding pass is approximately Rs.2/ Boarding pass.

The advertisers must book atleast 4 week advertising schedule in Vistara airlines.

The myriad airport advertising and inflight advertising branding options available with the Vistara Airlines are: 1. Branding on the boarding passes 2. Back Seat Branding 3. Inflight sampling 4. Meal box branding 5. Magazine advertising.

Since Vistara Airlines swears by giving 'exclusive services designed for women', quite a lot of women avail this flight service. It is thus imperative that your brand will then be exposed to more women flyers than any other airline service.

The myriad airline advertising and inflight advertising branding options available with the Vistara Airlines are: 1. Branding on the boarding passes 2. Back Seat Branding 3. Inflight sampling 4. Meal box branding 5. Magazine advertising.

The media marketing startegy of the inflight magazine of Vistara Airlines is a class apart from the other airline services. The flyers who choose Vistara regularly receive notifications and emails of the monthly issue of the magazine, ensuring a deep engagement of the print magazine among the flyers. This kind of digital support gives the airline service a regular readership and a branding platform, unlike any other inflight magazine.

The Vistara Airlines is a premium class flight service catering mostly to top executives, businessmen, corporates, scholars, social influencers and other premium class flyers.

The Vistara Magazine is a monthly publication which is issues on the 1st day of every month.

The advertisements sizes and options on offer in the magazine are - half page (horizontal), half page (vertical), full page, double spread, inside front cover, inside back cover, outside back cover, gate fold, and hard page.

Around 75,000 inflight magazines are published and circulated in the airline service.

Yes, branding in the inflight magazine of Vistara airlines can bit a tad bit expensive because the magazine offers only a limited number of ad spaces. The result of investing in an inflight advertisement in the Vistara magazine is thus result oriented, the conservative branding of the magazine rendering itself to greater demand and an extensive viewership.

Changes are possible in the booked advertisements only till a certain timeline and if your changes abide by the guidelines and policies of the magazine. The changes are also at the discretion of the editor of the magazine.

Yes,the magazine Vistara is only published in the English language.

Yes, the consistency of advertisements in the Vistara Magazine is thoroughly looked after and this, in turn, keeps ad clutter at bay.

Yes, our team of experts at MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Private Limited) will assist you in deciding the design, the outlook, the design aestheticism and the format of the magazine advertisement.

Yes, MyHoardings will guide and help you to get the prime ad space in the Vistara Magazine.

Cost of advertising in the Vistara Magazine varies as per the ad space, the ad size, the month of the publication of the advertisement and on the design. To have a detailed account of the prices of the above mentioned ad spaces and sizes, write to us at or call us directly at (+91) 99538 47639.

Since Vistara Airlines is a premium flying service, brands which echo the same sentiment as that of the airline service are mainly given preference. However, your brand can still make it through to an ad space in the magazine if it fulfills each and every guideline and aesthetic of the Vistara magazine.

To get your brand featured in the ad space of the Vistara magazine, a few things ought to be kept in mind: 1. Start planning for your airline advertising campaign in India way before than the date you wish to publish your ad. Since the ad space in the magazine is limited, pre-booking and pre-planning is the key to avert a long queue for getting a feature in the magazine. 2. As Vistara Magazine primarily concentrates on delivering premium services to its customers, the look and the feel of the magazine too resonates with their work ethics. They keep the aesthetics of their brand and their services intact. Hence, you should pay close attention to fulfill all their guidelines and design aesthetics as required by them for your brand. Going by the rulebook should give you the opportunity to reach out to the flyers of Vistara airlines who, it is assumed, appreaciate quality more than quantity.

The inflight magazine of Vistara Airlines through their ad policy and implementation ensure favourability, the right kind of awareness for your brand and purchase consideration among the viewers. In addition to this, the brand reputation of the flying service also plays a pivotal role in augmenting your own brand's reputation. Your association with the Vistara Airlines will unfailingly put your brand in the list of premium brands.

Yes. Since the inflight magazine of the Vistara magazine falls under the category of print media, you are required to pay an additional charge of 5% of the advertising charge as GST.

For the other non-print Airline advertising media options like Back Seat Branding, inflight sampling, advertising on boarding passes, etc. as per government rules, an extra GST of 18% of the advertising cost have to be paid.

Yes. Studies show that an average passenger is hooked to an ad in an inflight magazine for roughly 1.5 hours to 8.5 hours while he/ she is on board. As far as domestic flights are concerned, passengers spend 30-40 minutes reading an inflight magazine in their journey.

After the placement of the ad, MyHoardings will send you a picture of the various inflight and airport ads in the Vistara airlines. You will also get a physical copy of the inflight magazine 'Vistara' soon after its publication along with an email of the page/ pages which will have your brand's ad in the magazine.

Yes, MyHoardings will help you all the way from planning your advertisement to preparing an engaging campaign for your brand. Just call us at (+91) 99538 47639 or write to us at

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