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Luggage Trolley

RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹1700 OFFER RATE₹1350

Advertisement will be pasted on the sides of the trolley.

Artwork to be provided in PDF/CDR format. It takes approx 7 days for campaign execution.



The recorded average monthly passenger traffic in the Chennai Airport is approximately 1.5 million.

The media branding options offered by the Chennai Airport for airport advertising are: 1. Luggage Trolley Advertising 2. Advertising in the Arrival area (Backlit hoardings, LED Screens, lightboxes, digital screens, etc.) 3. Advertising in the Departure Area (Lightboxes, LED Screens, banners, Digital screens, etc.) 4. Lounge Branding 5. Advertising in the interior of the tarmac coach 6. Advertising in the exterior of the tarmac coach 7. Advertising in the digital screens of the tarmac coaches 8. Newspaper Sticker Branding in the Economic Times 9. Newspaper Sticker Branding in the Times Of India 10. Conveyor Belts advertising 11. Airport Security Tray Advertising 12. Advertising in the wifi package of the airport 13. Digital Scrollers 14. Product Display.

The rate of luggage trolley advertising in the Chennai airport is 1350 INR per luggage trolley per month.

The Chennai Airport usually serves to around 10,000 flights per month.

10 digital screens are available for airport digital screen advertising in the tarmac coaches for branding activities, out of which 4 are of Indigo Airline Coaches and the remaining 6 belong to the SpiceJet Coaches.

Yes, there are ample provisions of advertising in the wifi package of the Chennai Airport. You can either opt for banner ads, video ads or either both or even SSID or Network Name Display. There is even a provision of banner ads display through roadblock.

A banner is displayed post the timer page where the user can see an unskippable banner for a duration of 5 to 10 seconds.

The airport advertising service provided by the wifi package does not enable the user to skip the video ads played for the first 15 seconds of the ad.

The banner ads will be shown in the login page, the OTP page and the timer page.

An SSID or Network Name Display is an ad service provided by the airport authorities that allow you to showcase your brand's name as the name of the Network. For instance, if MyHoardings happens to be the advertiser, then the Network Name Display would show the message "Free wifi by MyHoardings".

Unless the ad space is booked by multiple brands, the ad space has the ability to create 4 lakh impressions/views per month for a single brand.

Upto three brands can book an ad space in the wifi package provided by the Chennai Airport.

The Chennai Airport ranks fourth in the list of the busiest airports in India in terms of domestic services and third busiest for catering to international passengers. Thus, not only does the airport prove to be a vantage point for executing a major branding drive in the southern part of the country but also gives your brnad recognition in the national as well as the international map. In addition to this, the airport also has quite a few pivotal points to catch the eye of the flyers with a number of check-in counters, comfortable lounges, and more than a dozen boarding gates.

There are a number of advantages of airport branding, a few of them are: 1. Extremely cost effective. 2. Captures the attention of thousands of people at one go. 3. Airport Advertising exposes your brand to a wide variety of people belonging to different demographics. 4. Airport advertising and inflight advertising gives a lot of scope to the marketeers, airport hoarding companies and advertising agencies to book an ad space mostly at the eye level.

As proof of the completion of the airport advertising and branding campaign, we will send you pictures of the various ads placed via email, as soon as the advertisement is up and running.

Yes; as per the rules of the government, you are required to pay an additional GST of 18% on the charges for airport advertising and inflight branding activities in the Chennai airport.

The Chennai Airport mostly caters to businessmen, corporate employees, tourists, entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses, public sector employees and top executives.

Newspapers are probably the cheapest and the most accessible medium of advertising in the airports. In addition to this, newspapers are opted by the passengers in greater numbers for reading and for passing time in the airport while waiting or during their journey. Newspaper stickers are the most affordable airport advertising media option for branding and hence, are favored the most by the marketeers and the top airport advertising agencies.

The minimum duration for which an advertsement can be booked in the Chennai Airport in one month, unless otherwise mentioned.

Yes, MyHoardings will be with you in each step of the way to assist you in creating a niche and an effective advertising campaign. Just get in touch with us by writing to us at or calling us at (+91) 99538 47639.

To have a detailed idea of the rates of the various media packages on offer at the Chennai Airport, you can write to us at or call us at (+91) 99538 47639.

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