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RATE(Per Boarding Pass) : CARD RATE₹₹ 3 OFFER RATE₹₹ 2

Rate for 1 Boardings Pass

Artwork to be provided. It may take approx 20 days for campaign execution.


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Once checking out, you will come to know about minimum order. Alternately, you may call the number mentioned above.

The ad spaces available in the inflight magazine of the Go Air services, India air services are: 1. Full Page 2. Half Page 3. Double Spread 4. Cover Page 5. Gate Fold

The inflight branding options offered by Go Air in India are: 1. Boarding Pass 2. Beverage Glasses 3. Lounge Card 4. Product Sampling 5. Head Rest Cover 6. In-Coach Screen Branding 7. Over Head Bin Branding, and 8. The inflight magazine, Go Getter.

The inflight magazine for GoAir, India airline service is Go Getter.

Ideally, you can run your brand's campaign as long as you want to or as long as you carry the expenses for it. The rates pre-decided by the airline service per branding media option is for a month, unless otherwise specified.

About 1.2 million passengers avail the Go Air, India flying services in a month.

Go Air, India offers an unparalleled service to its flyers. The departures per day go up to 221 flights and the number shoots up to 6862 flights per month. With the average occupancy rate being 91.40% and the average cancellation rate being a minute 0.94%, Go Air, India assures promising figures of passenger interaction with the brand and builds a strong favourability about the brand among the flyers.

Go Air, India ferries people from varied demographic and economic backgrounds. They majorly specialize in low cost services but also make sure that they keep their footing in the premium flying services and experiences as well. Each aircraft has a few luxurious seats at the front of it to carry the premium class passengers. Thus, Go Air, India has an interesting and a varied mix of people who constitute the regular and the loyal flyer base of the airline services including the major investors and gamechangers in the market, the top executives in the IT industry as well as students, working professionals, and the average middle class people.

The average flying time for a Go Air, India flight is about 1.8 hours.

The ad spaces available in the inflight magazine of the Go Air services, India air services are: 1. Full Page 2. Half Page 3. Double Spread 4. Cover Page 5. Gate Fold

Since, Go Air, India ferries people from all backgrounds, the airline services features brand advertising from all categories.

Go Air, India have published advertisements for quite a wide variety of brands and companies. Some of them are: Turtle and Parx from the apparel category, Himachal Tourism, Chilika Resort from the Hospitality and Tourism category, RAK Ceramics and Square Foor from the Ceramics category, and Advanced Hair Studio and IIHT from the Health & Wellness category.

Yes, MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Private Medium) will assist you in any stage of the advertisement publication in the magazine and in other inflight advertising. Just call us at (+91) 99538 47639 or write to us at

Advertising on the boarding pass costs around 2 INR per pass in Go Air, India airline service.

For a detailed information on the other inflight branding options, please write to us at or call us at (+91) 99538 47639.

The deadline for the artwork submission for advertising your brand in the inflight magazine is one week before the monthly publication date of the magazine.

The booking for branding activities in the inflight magazine of the Go Air, India airline service closes two weeks prior to the date of publication of the magazine.

The Go Getter magazine has a scheduled shelf date of the 1st of every month. It is a monthly magazine.

Yes,the Go Getter is published in the English language solely.

No. The magazine only has a print version. There are no published digital copies of the inflight magazine.

Branding with the Go Air, India airline service will give you a greater advantage of Airline advertising your brand to the national audience. Since the magazine is a national issue, targeting a specific audience through branding activities in the inflight magazine Go Getter might not yield fruitful results.

The monthly circulation of the Go Getter magazine is close to 150,000 copies.

The approximate number of the readers who spend a considerable part of their journey reading the inflight magazine of Go Air, India airline services is 750,000.

The Go Getter magazine has forever been the favorite ground for branding activities of all the top-ranked brands throughout the country. Besides fostering the business of national brands, the international brands too prefer brand in the Go Getter magazine as has a regular readership base which will give your brand more credibility and popularity. Also, since the airline services reach out to people of all social and demographic backgrounds, branding in the inflight magazine of the Go Air, India airline services will give you the rare opportunity of reaching out to people irrespective of their economic and regional identities.

The inflight magazine for GoAir, India airline service named Go Getter specializes in articles and content on food, travel and lifestyle. It also publishes news and updates on the hotels and hospitality industry, Real Estate, Electronics and the latest gadgets, etc.

The inflight magazine advertising campaign with the Vistara airlines will cost you an additional 5% GST on the booking charges as per the government norms levied on print media.

As per the government norms, an additional 18% GST will be levied on the branding options other than the print media option of the Go Air, India airline service.

As proof of completion and execution of our work, we will send you: 1. Pictures of the ad placed in case of branding in boarding passes, over head luggage bin, head rest cover, and back seat branding. 2. The physical copy of the inflight magazine of Go Air, India will be sent to you within a week after the publication of your ad in the magazine. Additionally, you will be mailed a picture of the ad space that features the advertisement of your brand as soon as the magazine gets published.

Studies and surveys have shown that since inflight magazines have the undivided attention of the flyers during their journey time, inflight advertising has the capacity to provide up to 2000 times more impact than the traditional media branding options. Inflight media branding options thus have one of the highest impact rates in the world of advertising.

The Go Getter magazine - the inflight magazine of the Go Air, India airline services - is the site of inflight advertising for all the popular, customer friendly and the premium brands. The magazine has a loyal viewership among both the consumers and the decision makers and leaders with capital prowess. The magazine thus provides an inflight advertising opportunity in an uncluttered environment with the ability to influnce people from all economic backgrounds in the society.

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