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Luggage Trolley

RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹1400 OFFER RATE₹850

Advertisement will be pasted on the sides of the trolley.

Artwork to be provided in PDF/CDR format. It takes approx 7 days for campaign execution.



The airport branding options available at the Bangalore Airport are: 1. Luggage Trolley Advertising. 2. Advertising in the Departure Area 3. Advertising in the Arrival Area 4. Security Hold Area advertising 5. Airport Security Tray Advertising 6. Conveyor Belts Advertising 7. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Times of India 8. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Economic Times 9. Advertising in the exterior of the tarmac coaches 10. Advertising in the interior of the tarmac coaches 11. Airport digital screen advertising 12. Lounge Advertising 13. Advertising in the outside area of the airport; and 14. Aerobridge Advertising.

MyHoardings has kept the rate of luggage trolley advertising in the Bangalore Airport at 850 INR per trolley per month.

The airport baggage trolley advertising at the Bangalore Airport has the provisions of pasting the advertisement of the brand on the three sides of the trolley.

The exterior portion of the tarmac coach will be wrapped entirely with the brand's advertisement. The advertisement will be wrapped on both the sides and will be visible to the eyes of the passengers for 18 hours a day. The windows of the bus too might have the brand's advertisement pasted on them.

Yes, you have to pay the required 18% GST along with the cost of the ad space in the airport.

The Bangalore Airport has made the Times of India and the Economic Times available for newspaper sticker advertising.

The Bangalore Airport sees the footfall of around 1.6 million people on a monthly basis.

The Bangalore Airport handles a thick air traffic as the airport caters to over 12,000 flights each month with the number only on the increase.

Yes, the Bangalore Airport has one international terminal with the construction of another terminal currently underway.

Apart form the rich and the affluent families, the Bangalore Airport is mainly accessed by the people from the middle class and the upper middle class background. The airport is primarily thronged by the youth of the country with people flying in from all corners of India to work in the 'Silicon Valley of India'. Thus, mostly, employees of corporates and MNCs, top executives, entrepreneurs, corporate working personnel, students, businessmen, professionals from the Public Sector Units and their families fly in and out of the Bangalore Airport along with tourists. These people mostly constitute the consumer section of the society and thus, an effective airport branding campaign is sure to bring them under the influence of your brand.

Bangalore Airport ranks third in the list of the busiest airports in the country, after Delhi and Mumbai. It caters to both premium flyers and the economic travellers thus giving your brand a diverse platform to achieve a maximum outreach among the most responsive and the influential people in the society. Not only does airport advertising in the city let you to tap into the minds of the regional and the national passengers but also helps the brand achieve an international status through a substantial exposure among the international flyers. The Bangalore Airport is the gateway to the 'Silicon Valley of India', that is, the tech city of the country. Thus a creative airport branding initiative is sure to help you reach out to a crowd which will be ready to willingly spend on a brand that promises quality over quantity.

The usual lead time for the airport baggage trolley advertising in the Bangalore Airport is one week.

MyHoardings will give you the confirmation of the execution of the airport advertising campaign for your brand within two days of the successful placing of the ads.

Like other airports, the minimum time duration for airport branding at the Bangalore Airport is one month, unless particularly mentioned.

The Bangalore Airport has a 3 day lead time for newspaper sticker advertising.

The ad options offered at the Bangalore Airport are: 1. Banner Ad: The banner ad is a constant and can be seen after the user enters the OTP to have access to the airport's wifi service. 2. Video Ad: The video ad in the wifi package is a non-skippable ad which will play for a total duration of 15 seconds.

The dimensions of the banner ads in the wifi package of the Bangalore Airport are: 1. 400 x 130 pixels for the tablet ad 2. 599 x 89 pixels for the desktop view 3. 375 x 144 pixels for the mobile view.

Yes, there will be an additional printing and mounting charge applicable on the newspaper sticker advertising and the tarmac coach advertising in the Bangalore Airport.

Yes, our experts will assist you in designing an effective airport branding campaign at the Bangalore airport that is sure to make the maximum heads turn.

For getting a detailed quotation of the rates of the various media branding options at the Bangalore Airport, write to us at or call us at (+91) 99538 47639.

The dimensions of the 3 panels on the 3 sides of the trolley are: 1. 46*13 cm 2. 49*30 cm 3. 49*22.5 cm

The regular size of the stickers for newspaper sticker advertising is A4 and A5.

The approximate average number of outreach an ad space can generate in the Bangalore Airport is around 700,000 impressions/ views for a single brand. This number varies when an ad space is booked by multiple brands.

Three brands can book a single ad space in the Bangalore Airport simultaneously.

Found in the departure area of the airport, lounges cater to the premium flyers (Sec A & A++) in the airport. The premium flyers are the business class fliers, frequent fliers of airlines, and the premium credit card holders who spend somewhere around a quarter of an hour to an hour in the lounge area. Advertising in the lounge area of the airport puts across the message of your brand to a greater captive audience and to the more affluent sections of the society.

The conveyor belts advertising is sure to win brownie points for creativity among the passengers in the Bangalore Airport. Since the airport ranks among the top 3 busiest airports in the country, it is relatively easy to catch the attention of the flyers with newer media branding options. The conveyor belts advertising is sure to arrest the attention of the people waiting to pick up their luggage from the conveyor belt, giving you an effective window to reach out to maximum number of flyers in the airport.

Yes, the Bangalore airport authorities have strong guidelines for airport advertising. Hence, the marketeers and the airport advertising agencies are advised to strictly abide by the rules to make sure that their advertisements are not pulled down by the authorities.

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