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Digital backlit Panel

RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹400000 OFFER RATE₹350000

Backlit Digital Panels will carry Ads at prominent places in the Airport.

Artwork to be provided in PDF/CDR format. It takes approx 7 days for campaign execution.



The monthly passenger traffic experienced by the Goa Airport is around 5 Lakh flyers.

The media branding options available for airport advertising in the Goa Airport are: 1. Luggage Trolley Advertising 2. Airport digital screen advertising 3. Conveyor Belts Advertising 4. Security Tray Advertising 5. Wifi Package Advertising 6. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Times of India newspaper 7. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Economic Times newspaper 8. Advertising in the Interior of a tarmac coach 9. Advertising in the Exterior of a tarmac coach 10. Advertising in the Domestic Area of the airport 11. Advertising in the Security Hold Area of the airport 12. Advertising in the Parking Area 13. Lounge Area Advertising 14. Advertising in the outside area of the airport.

In the case of digital backlit panels in the Goa Airport, it takes around 7 days for campaign execution.

The dimension of the digital back lit panel kept in different spaces in the Goa Airport is 10 ft by 3.5 ft.

The rate of airport advertising in the form of digital backlit panel in the Goa Airport hovers around 350,000 per panel per month.

Yes, the Goa Airport has an international terminal that caters to flights connecting major international cities like Sharjah, London, Moscow, Doha, Novosibirsk, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, etc.

The minimum time space for booking an airport branding campaign in the various ad spaces in the Goa Airport is one month.

Yes, MyHoardings is among the few airport advertising agencies and airport hoardings companies that offers full assistance in designing an impactful airport branding in the Goa Airport for maximum outreach and viewership.

You are required to pay an additional GST of 18% on the mentioned rates of the various media branding options at the Goa Airport as is stated by the central Indian government.

The air traffic catered to and handled by the Goa Airport per month is approximately around 2800 flights.

There are 75 check in counters and 22 immigration counters in the departures area and 14 security check in booths, 18 immigrations counters and 8 counters for customs in the arrival area of the Goa Airport, all well equipped for advertising purposes.

After the payment and the final confirmation for the complete airport advertising campaign to be up and live in the Goa Airport, it takes apparoximately around 3 weeks time.

To know in details about the rates of the other media branding options offered by MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Pvt. Ltd.), you can write to us at or talk to us directly by calling us on (+91) 99538 47639.

After you reach an agreement with us and an airport branding deal is confirmed, you are required to complete the payment procedure and give us the artwork for advertising your brand.

The Goa Airport operational since the year 2015, has catered to people in the likes of public sector unit workers, corporate and MNC employees, entrepreneurs, working personnel from the Small Business Enterprises, tourists, foreign delegates, and quite a lot of foreign travelers. Apart from rendering its services to middle class Indians and locals from affluent families, the airport is also the hub of foreign tourists entering the state in great numbers. Thus, the Goa Airport is a crucial vantage point for marketeers and airport branding agencies for reaching a diverse and wide audience throughout the country and the globe.

MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Pvt. Ltd.) will offer you the best rates in airport advertising in the Goa Airport along with helping our clients with a custom-made advertising campaign to suit their needs and their budget. We have collaborated with over 1000 marketing and advertising companies throughout the country to get easy access to ad spaces and the required permits.

The format for delivering the design layout of the advertisements to be put up for airport branding at the Goa Airport is .cdr, .ai and even .pdf.

For information on the printing and mounting charges applicable for airport branding at the Goa Airport, if applicable, talk to us directly at (+91) 99538 47639.

The dimension of the newspaper stickers for branding purposes in the Goa Airport is either regular A4 size or A5.

Goa is one of the most crucial holiday destinations in the country and receives visitors from all over the country and the world. It thus becomes a crucial point to ensure the solidification of your brand in the market as the airport caters to tourists as well as social influencers and consumers belonging to the middle class and the upper middle class families. Airport advertising at the Goa Airport will give your brand an edge over the others.

Except for the exterior branding of the tarmac coach which takes around 2 to 3 weeks time, the usual lead time of the different media branding options available at the Goa Airport is 1 week.

The media branding options that you can avail for airport branding on the outside area of the Goa Airport are: 1. Front-lit Billboards 2. Pole Kiosks 3. Product Display 4. Billboard 5. Overhead Gantry 6. Hoardings 7. Backlit Translite 8. Digital Scrollers

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