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Tarmac Bus

RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹75000 OFFER RATE₹64000

Tarmac bus which carry passengers from terminal to the flight will be branded for guaranteed visibility.

Artwork to be provided in PDF/CDR format. It takes approx 7 days for campaign execution.



The airport branding options available at the Kolkata Airport are: 1. Luggage Trolley Advertising. 2. Advertising in the Departure Area 3. Advertising in the Arrival Area 4. Security Hold Area advertising 5. Airport Security Tray Advertising 6. Conveyor Belts Advertising 7. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Times of India 8. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Economic Times 9. Advertising in the exterior of the tarmac coaches 10. Advertising in the interior of the tarmac coaches 11. Airport digital screen advertising 12. Lounge Advertising 13. Advertising in the outside area of the airport; and 14. Aerobridge Advertising.

The average monthly passenger traffic handled by the Kolkata Airport is around 1.2 million.

The outside area of the Kolkata Airport has ample scope for advertising. Digital screens just outside the airport and the toll booth, overhead gantry, backlit translite, billboard, pole kiosks, front lit billboards, product display, normal hoardings, backlit hoardings, etc. are some of the media branding options available at the Kolkata Airport for airport advertising.

For the Kolkata Airport, the expenses of tarmac bus branding is around 64000 INR per bus per month.

The tarmac coaches carry passengers to the flight from the terminal and back. Interior and exterior tarmac bus branding is sure to catch the fancy of the passengers as they will see a 10 second video advertisement of the brand play in the digital screens periodically, on the grab handles, on the exterior portion of the coaches, static panels, etc. which promises nothing but guaranteed visibility to the passengers on board. There are 8 static panels, 25-30 grab handles and the video ad will be played for 175 times in a day on each digital screen of the 15 tarmac coaches in the Kolkata Airport.

The newspapers which have the provision of newspaper sticker advertising for branding in the Kolkata Airport are: 1. The Times of India 2. The Economic Times.

Luggage trolley advertising successfully catches the attention of not only the flyers but also the friends and the family of the flyers who come at the airport to see them off. The trolleys carry the advertisement of the brands on its three sides, leaving very little chance for people to miss the advertisement. Baggage trolleys are the most opted airport amenity and are therefore, airport baggage trolley advertising is the most evident choice for airport advertising among the airport advertising agencies and the marketeers.

The Kolkata Airport handles around 8300 flights per month on an avergae basis.

It usually takes 3 weeks for an advertising campaign to be up and live in the Kolkata Airport for airport branding.

Since Kolkata Airport is the biggest airport in the eastern side of the country, it is accessed by quite a lot of people for their commute. This makes Kolkata Airport a vantage point for airport advertising agencies, airport hoarding companies and various marketeers for airport branding services, limiting the availability of the ad spaces in the airport. While it is true that ideally you should place a query a month prior to the date of the placement of the ad, the reality of the situation is - the sooner you book the ad space, the greater are the chances for you to get your desired slot for your brand's advertising in the airport.

Yes, you have to pay the stipulated GST of 18% calculated on the rate of the media option you choose for airport branding at the Kolkata Airport.

Yes, MyHoardings will let you know about the ABCs and about the most effective ways of airport advertising and will definitely guide you through the entire process of planning and executing an advertising initiative for your brand at the Kolkata Airport.

Our team at MyHoardings will email you the pictures of the placed advertisement (s) as soon as it/ they are up and live at the Kolkata Airport.

You are required to pay an additional tax of 18% as GST which will be levied on the charges of the branding option/ options you choose for an an airport advertsing campaign for your brand.

We will email you the pictures of the advertisements as soon as they are placed in the various ad spaces in the Kolkata Airport. You will be contacted within 2 days of the advertisement going up live in the airport.

Kolkata Airport is the gateway to the eastern side of India. The airport is well connected to all the major cities of the country through airways and even a few major international destinations across the world. Airport advertising at the Kolkata Airport will thus not only expose your brand to the people throughout the country but also corporate officials, top executives, employees, public sector workers, tourists, students, the middle class and the upper middle class people. This will give you the oppurtunity to advertise your brand to the consumers directly and bring them under the influence of your brand.

Upto 3 brands or clients can book a single ad space in the Kolkata Airport.

A single ad space in the Kolkata Airport can create an average of 4lakh impressions/ views per month. However, the impression count is subject to change if the ad space is shared by multiple brands or clients.

To know about the rates of the various media branding options at the Kolkata Airport, write to us at or talk to us directly by calling us at (+91) 99538 47639.

The negotiation on the rates entirely depends on the duration of booking an ad space and on the volume of the media branding options booked for airport advertising.

Banner ads, video ads and SSID or Network Name Display are the branding options provided in the wifi package of the Kolkata Airport.

Yes, these ads are skippable by the user except for the banner display through roadblock where the users see a banner ad for a duration of 5 to 10 seconds after the timer page shows up on the screen (the page which shows the user the time period for which he/ she can have access to the free wifi service provided by the airport).

Yes, the airport authorities maintain a strict set of rules and guidelines for any airport branding campaign at the Kolkata Airport. These are to be followed with minute precision, failing which your whole branding campaign stand a chance to be entirely rejected.

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