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Luggage Trolley

RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹900 OFFER RATE₹700

Advertisement will be pasted on the sides of the trolley.

Artwork to be provided in PDF/CDR format. It takes approx 7 days for campaign execution.



The airport branding options available at the Pune Airport are: 1. Luggage Trolley Advertising. 2. Advertising in the Departure Area 3. Advertising in the Arrival Area 4. Security Hold Area advertising 5. Airport Security Tray Advertising 6. Conveyor Belts Advertising 7. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Times of India 8. Newspaper Sticker advertising in the Economic Times 9. Advertising in the exterior of the tarmac coaches 10. Advertising in the interior of the tarmac coaches 11. Airport digital screen advertising 12. Lounge Advertising 13. Advertising in the outside area of the airport; and 14. Aerobridge Advertising.

The Pune Airport serves around 5 lakh passengers on a monthly basis.

The luggage trolley advertising rate at the Pune Airport costs around 700 INR per month per trolley.

The Pune Airport is frequented by the students, corporate officials, public sector workers, top notch executive, business men, IT officials, etc.

Yes, totally. The Pune Airport is mostly accessed by the working personnels and therfore is a gold mine for marketeers to tap into. The footfall of the airport mainly comprises of the young populace of the country too, who are the primary consumers in the market.

The minimum period of time for running an airport advertising campaign in the Pune Airport is one month, unless otherwise mentioned. There are provisions for packages too for branding purposes.

It takes around 3 weeks for an advertising campaign to be up and running in the Pune Airport.

Yes, MyHoardings will provide you with all kinds of professional assistance to design the most effective airport advertising campaign for your brands. We will offer you fail safe guidance in airport advertising in every step of the way to make sure that you reach out to the maximum number of people.

It is possible to have further negotiations in the rates of the various media branding options available in the Pune Airport. The volume and the duration of the ad determines the rate of a media branding option at the airport. Rates are further revised if you share the ad space with some other brands.

Three brands are allowed to book a single ad space in the Pune Airport and can share the space amongst themselves.

Snapshots of the ad spaces with the brand's advertisement are sent to the client within two days of their placement by MyHoardings as the evidence of the execution of the task.

Yes, the Pune Airport has an international terminal as well with flights connecting the city to important international cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Frankfurt, etc.

The Pune Airport has 2 aerobridges.

Aerobridge advertising also known as jetbridge advertising gives you the rare chance of connecting with thousands of travellers each day. Aerobridge advertising promises a 360 degree visibility that creates an enormous impact among all the flyers as they board and disembark from a flight. Aerobridge advertising provides a larger than life platform to advertise your brand in the interior as well as the exterior areas of the airport.

The Pune Airport has around 26 check-in desks which provides ample scope for advertising activities.

The lead time for luggage trolley advertising at the Pune Airport is 1 week.

Yes, like other airports, Pune Airport too offers branding services like banner ads and video ads with the wifi package of the airport. The flyers who access the free wifi service of the airport will be then exposed to the advertising campaign of your brand via banner ads and video ads. An unskippable banner ad also appears for a duration of 5-10 seconds after the timer page of the wifi package appears.

If an ad space is booked by a single brand then the impression count reaches upto 240000 impressions/ views per month in the Pune Airport. However, the count of the impressions/ views per month may change when the ad space is booked by other brands (an ad space can be booked by 3 brands at a single time).

On a monthly basis, around 2800 flights take off from the Pune Airport each month.

The media options available for airport branding at the arrival and the departure area of the Pune airport are back lit signage, digital screens, banners, digital scrollers, lightboxes, flight info display, etc.

The most affordable media branding option for airport advertising at the Pune Airport is Newspaper Sticker Advertising. Newspaper Stickers carrying the advertisement of the brand is pasted on the left side of the newspaper.

While the passengers wait to pick up their luggage from the conveyor belt, conveyor belt advertising provides an intriguing and a creative way to bring them under the influence of your brand. The baggage claim area is a prime spot to capture the attention of the passengers as the innovative approach to airport advertising is sure to create an advantageous leverage for your brand and ultimately, work in its favor.

Yes, you have to pay an additional 18% GST on the rates of the various media branding options as per the rules set by the Indian government.

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