Mumbai non-AC bus branding

Mumbai non-AC bus branding

Buses play a very crucial role in reaching mass audience and making strong connection with the travelers that ultimately influence their purchase decision. The power of bus branding can be realized by the fact that buses are used by professionals, workers, homemakers and students for various purposes on daily basis. Among other metro cities of India, Mumbai has one of the largest and well organised bus transport network.

Non-ac bus branding is highly effective in metro cities like Mumbai as the city has high number of working professionals and students. Travelling via local bus is a part of their daily routine. For daily commuters non-ac buses are cost-effective and comfortable medium of travel as the bus fare is cheap in comparison to other public transport facilities such as taxis and auto-rickshaw.

The non-ac bus branding in Mumbai leads to:

  • Higher brand recall: The audience is exposed to the same brand message for at least once a day on regular basis, this daily exposure puts the brand on the first place in the consumer’s mind.
  • Increased brand awareness: The average bus ride lasts for at least 15-45minutes; the dwell time inevitably attracts audience’s attention that leads to brand awareness.
  • Expands reach and visibility: As non-ac buses travel to both commercial and residential areas of the city, they capture dual audience attention, one of the commuters through inside bus branding and second of the on-lookers through exterior bus branding. Thus, spreading the brand message to wide spread and diverse audience.

Bus branding in non-ac Mumbai buses is a cost-effective way of reaching to wider audience. The ad placement can be done on side panels, back panel and as bus wraps on the exterior and on seat backs and inside panels for the inside bus branding. MyHoardings outdoor advertising agency offers best rates for transit advertising. The company puts in best efforts in practical and creative way to make the brand presence felt by the target the audience.

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