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Transit Advertising: The pilot of your brand promotions!

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Transit Advertising: The pilot of your brand promotions!

Transit advertising is a term that upholds the explanation for ‘advertisements on vehicles’. A part of out-of-home advertising, transit advertising aims at audience’s attention while they are travelling. Outdoor advertising is an old concept but with the intervention of technology and enhanced transport facilities, the brands find Transit Advertising a rewarding medium to reach the target audience.

Types of Transit Vehicle Branding

Vehicle TypeAd Rate / MonthMin. Ad duration
Auto50003 month
Cab40001 month
Mobile Van70. 0001 week

Modes of Transit Advertising:

  • Bus ads: Brands can advertise in non-ac and ac-buses .The cost of advertising varies on in both the buses as the fare of ac-buses is little higher than of the non-ac buses. This segmentation can help the brands to reach two different kinds of audience, one of the middle-income level and other of the high-income level. Bus advertising very productive in meeting promotional motives such as brand awareness, brand recall and brand reinforcement. The bus commuters mainly include students and office-goers, thereby delivering the brand message to educated and influential audience.
  • Auto-Rickshaw ads: The brands choose to advertise on auto-rickshaws as they reach nook and corner of the city which might get a miss by other means of outdoor advertising such as billboards and hoardings. The auto-rickshaw ads are placed either on the back panel or as full wrap. The ads have short and crisp message that prompts the audience to take action. You might have noticed ‘weight-loss ads’ or ‘job ads’ or other local brand ads on the back panel of auto-rickshaws. The local brands make the most of auto-rickshaw branding as it is cheap but very fruitful. Moreover, the message displayed in regional language helps in connecting to the audience instantly.
  • Cycle ads: The brands have found an innovative way to make their presence felt through cycle branding. Brands usually hire a fleet of cycles and put up flex boards and are made to make trips to a particular location. These fleet moves to different locations at different time of the day to catch the attention of right kind of audience. The cycles can be made to stand at high footfall spot such as at the malls, petrol pumps, busy markets etc. for long duration to garner maximum attention.
  • Railway ads: Be it local or inter-state trains, they are the fastest and cheap mode of transportation. Trains wraps, side panel ads and inside train ads help in building brand presence across various states. Train advertising reaches diverse audience with single brand message, this helps in building brand credibility and improves brand reach and visibility.
  • Metro-train ads: With the commencement of metro-trains in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida etc., the brand have got an opportunity to target single set of audience at one space. Metro train travelers are mostly working professionals, students or leisure travellers. The brand message reaches educated, well-informed and influential audience at one go.