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RATE(Per Month) : CARD RATE₹₹ 4,50,000 OFFER RATE₹₹ 2,90,000

Rate for Approx 5 Lakh Passes


Fleet Size209


Once checking out, you will come to know about minimum order. Alternately, you may call the number mentioned above.

IndiGo Airlines is India's largest airlines in terms of passegenr traffic. The airline offers low-cost flights to 53 domestic and 17 International destinations.The airline observes an average passenegr traffic of 5,440,796 on monthly basis. The airline aims at mass targeting through budgetry flights.

The best way to turn flyers into brand buyer's is to attract their atttention while on board. The idle flying time can be connverted into effective message communication through innovative ways such as Meal Tray branding, Beverace Glass branding, Free sampling and through publishing ads in in-flight magazine and newspaper.

As Indigo ailrines is the most popular low-fare airline service, the flyers profile is very diverse too. The brands can publish B2B ads in flight magaine named 'Hello 6E' And in 'Business Standard', the in-flight newspaper of the airlines to reach wide varierty of target audience at once.

YES! Combining bus ads to airline ads is a great way to create brand impression in the target audience's mind. The shuttle bus that takes flyers from the airport to the aircraft, can be very well used to present a seamless communication message. The bus ads along with in-flight branding act as a thread between the two mediums thereby buidling a strong brand recall for an actual puchase.

Bus grab handle ads, poster ads, side panel ads and back panel ads.

The cost of booking an ad in the 'Business Standard' Newspaper or 'Hello 6E' magazine depends on the size and duration for which the ad is being booked. For the newpaper, the print ad is booked as full jacket ad or half jacket ad. The ful jacket ad is 4 page ad that covers the font two and last two pages of the paper while the half jacket ad covers either the first two or only the last two pages of paper. Similarly, for the magazine, a full page size ad will cost higher than the half page ad.

The ad can be booked for minimum duration of one month. One can book for 15 days or less but the price will be quoted for one month only. The magazine too is published on monthly basis and is ditributed all month long.

The easiest way to establish a brand connect with flyers is to start covert communication at the the time of flight booking trhough E-ticket branding and E-mail marketing. Today most of the flyers book flights online through various travel and tourism websites, the website ads too can foster brand message and support any advertising campaign.

E-Mail Marketing: Rs2.15/ E-mail , Beverage Glass Branding: Rs1.50/ Glass, Boarding Pass Branding: Rs3,00,000/ month, E-Ticket Branding: Rs2/ Ticket, In-flight sampling: Rs4/ sample, Meal Tray Branding:Rs3,35,000/ Aircraft, Bus grab Handle: 85,000/ Bus, Business Standard Newspaper Jacket: Rs.1,200,000 / Advertisement.

Indigo airlines is the most popular low-cost airlines of India, serving both National and international destinations. The flyers of Indigo airlines is a mix of middle income class and upper midlle class.

The first and foremost step before making your advertisment live is to take all legal permisiions from the airport authority. Secondly, one must plan the ad campign schedule ahead of time as it might take as long as 3 moths for the ad to go live. And last but not the least, always be ready with a plan B as one might be asked to make changes to adhere to airline or airport advertising laws.

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