Airport Advertising in Delhi

Airport Advertising in Delhi

Delhi, the liveliest city of India needs no introduction. As the capital of India, it is the centre for trade, commerce, politics, entertainment and education. The city is also the major tourist attraction owing to magnificent historical monuments.  Delhi is the sixth most populated metropolitan city in the world.  The Indra Gandhi International Airport is among the best airports in the world. The airport facilitates both domestic and international flyers. Divided into three terminals, T1, T2 and T, the airport is 16th busiest airport in the world. In the fiscal year 2017-2018, airport handled passenger traffic of about 65.7 million.

Airport Advertising in Delhi

Why Delhi airport apt for brand promotion?

  • Urban Population: The fact that Delhi airport handles both domestic and international flight; it becomes a hot-spot where the Airport advertisers can tap the urban population easily. The flyers here are mostly educated, well informed, brand conscious individuals and decision makers. Luring this kind of demographic is any advertiser’s dream.
  • Age Factor: The flyers at Delhi airport fall between the age group of 21-40 years. This age group is open minded-audience, that is ready to explore new products, services and curious about the newest trends in terms of lifestyle, technology and entertainment.
  • Influential audience: The flyers are mostly decision makers of the family. They have high-purchasing power and have influence on their peer groups. So, if a brand advertised on the airport catches the attention of the audience, this set of audience will propel the information about the brand to their peer groups, thus increasing the magnitude of airport advertisement.


What are the brand placement options at Delhi airport?

Spread over the area of 5,106 acres, IGIA is one of the top most airports when it comes to space, service-quality and infrastructure.

  • Lit banners: Huge size banners hanging from the ceiling inside the airport will easily attract attention. The flyers will notice the ad for its large size and bright visuals.
  • Static Sites: Wall mounted static sites on the arrival and departure points and apt for capturing the audience’s attention. The giant size will compel the visitors to take a look when arriving or leaving the airport.
  • Conveyer belt Branding: The ads can also be placed in the form of big size stickers on the conveyer belts or as hoarding alongside the belts that are used for luggage collection.
  • Wall wraps and pillar ads: Be it inside or outside, the airports have well lit pillars and walls, therefore, the Airport advertisers can cover them via wall wraps and pillar ads from top to bottom and make a striking appeal.
  • Airport trolleys: The easiest way to interact with the flyers is by putting brand visuals on the airport trolleys. Every flyer needs them to carry luggage and the ads placed on them never go unnoticed.
  • Digital screens and scrollers: An innovative way to advertise in the modern era of technology is by running ads on digital screens and scrollers. The moving visuals and ads attract the flyers during their dwell time, when the target audience is open to communication and in highly receptive state of mind.

Airport advertising is a form outdoor advertising where the brand tries to tap the target audience on the move. It is highly impactful form of advertising as it taps the audience that is motivated, educated, decision makers and has high-purchasing power.

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