Bangalore Airport Advertising

Brand promotion at Bangalore airport.

The Bangalore airport named as Kempegowda International airport is the one of the third -busiest airport after the airports in Delhi and Mumbai. The airport is also one of its kinds as it is the first airport to be fully powered by solar energy.  The airport has high footfall and stands on the 34th position on the list of busiest airports in Asia. Also popular as ‘Garden city’ of India for its beautiful and splendid green parks, the city observes many tourists from across the world.

Why Bangalore airport the best platform for brand promotion?

  • Single terminal: Bangalore airport operates with single terminal for both domestic and international flights, which makes it easy for brands to reach to diverse target audience at one place.
  • Infrastructure: The airport is spacious with ample Ad placement options. The corridors, waiting areas and washrooms are well lit-up and provide a perfect stage for brand displays.
  • Footfall: A mix of business travelers, leisure travelers, students, tourists, expatriate workers and foreign delegates, help any brand get the highest visibility and brand recall via airport advertising.

The benefits of Bangalore Airport Advertising

Be it a new brand or an old brand with loyal customers, airport branding always reaps benefits to further expand in many ways such as:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Increases reach and visibility
  • Helps in building brand loyalty
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Higher brand recall
  • Passive image building that affects the potential buyers when making the purchase decision.

Bangalore is hub for industries, start-ups, entertainment and education. With so much diversity in population, both luxury and economical brands can make use of airport branding.  MyHoardings is an advertising agency that serves OOH advertising services at the best industry rates, so whether it is a part of an advertising campaign or a standalone promotional effort, MyHoardings will offer the best creative and logical promotional plan for your product or service.

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