Advertising at Chennai Airport


Advertising has got massive scopes in the field of aviation. Airports comprise of one of the best environments where customers can be persuaded without much efforts to buy stuffs. Ads displayed at an airport are supposed to create a very positive impact on the minds of the potential customers turning into potential buyers.

Airport advertising is of great importance because of the following reasons :

  • People in airports are always relaxed therefore giving more attention to the displayed advertisements.
  • Airports are one of the most busy places where the average footfall is around lakhs, giving the advertisers a full scope to influence and reach out to a greater audience.

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Chennai, fourth most populous city, has been rated as the city with highest quality of life in India.  People from all over the country can be found in this metropolitan city. So if an advertiser is targeting the audience of the Chennai airport, he is targeting people from all over the world. Chennai Airport advertising can incorporate these different kinds easily.

  • Banners Ads in Chennai Airport – the most common type of advertisements, banners are creative and eye-catching. Be it inside or outside the airport, king size banners are bound to draw attention.
  • Trolley ads at Chennai Airport– Trolleys are considered to be one of the most important equipments in an airport. Every passenger needing a trolley for their luggage can be allured if the concerned brands invest on good hoarding advertisements.
  • Digital ads inside Chennai Airport– in a world of digitization, a digital ad in the airport is most likely to entice the audience successfully.

Chennai airport is reported to be the airport with largest traffic as a result it has the largest base of Airport advertising. Around 12.9 million people see the various OOH advertisements displayed in the airport. It is one of the most in demand airport for the advertisers.


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