Chandigarh Airport Advertising

Chandigarh Airport Advertising

Airport Ad Media for Brand Promotion

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    Luggage Trolley ads play important role in airport advertising.

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    Conveyor Belt ads at Airport.

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    Airport Billboards in India.

FAQ’s for Advertising at Chandigarh Airport –

The Chandigarh Airport caters to roughly 1.6 lakh passengers each month.

The media branding options available for airport advertising in the Chandigarh Airport are:

  1. Airport Baggage Trolley Advertising
  2. Airport digital screen advertising
  3. Conveyor Belts Advertising including the non-lit panel near the belt
  4. Security Tray Advertising
  5. Wifi Package Advertising
  6. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Times of India newspaper
  7. Newspaper Sticker Advertising in the Economic Times newspaper
  8. Advertising in the Interior of a tarmac coach
  9. Advertising in the Exterior of a tarmac coach
  10. Advertising in the main hall of the airport
  11. Advertising in the Security Area of the airport
  12. Advertising in the outside area of the airport
  13. Advertising in the arrival area
  14. Advertising in the departure area
  15. Advertising in the check in area of the airport
  16. Advertising in the canopy area of the airport
  17. Aerobridge Advertising; and
  18. Advertising in the parking area of the airport.

Chandigarh Airport is availed by mostly businessmen, top executives, representatives and employees of MNCs and various corporate companies, working personnel from the public sector units, entrepreneurs, influential people from the middle class, upper middle class and the rich families and tourists. The demographics of the Chandigarh Airport is mainly dominated by the youth population of the country.

The rate of conveyor belt advertising in the Chandigarh Airport is 95000 INR per month.

The conveyor belt branding is an effective and a creative way to attract the attention of the passengers waiting to pick up their luggage from the conveyor belt. The innovativeness of branding is sure to catch the fancy of the passengers. Thus, the conveyor belt branding is an influential way to arrest the eyeballs of the passengers in a place where they least expect to find an advertisement. Furthermore, the Chandigarh Airport also gives you the opportunity to advertise your brand on the non-lit panel near the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt which is to be branded for conveyor belt branding in the Chandigarh Airport is 40 ft long.

The non-lit panel near the conveyor belt for airport advertising in the Chandigarh Airport measures 8 ft by 6.5 ft in size.

You are required to pay an additional GST of 18% on the charges of the various media branding option in the Chandigarh Airport.

To know in detail about the availability and the rates of the other media branding options at the Chandigarh Airport, write to us at or call us directly at (+91) 99538 47639.

The dimensions of the design layout of the advertisements for luggage trolley advertising at the Chandigarh airport will be given at the time of your confirmation of the airport advertising initiative with MyHoardings.

The lead time for a particular media branding option at the Chandigarh Airport is 1 week, except for the branding of the exterior of the tarmac coaches which takes up around 2 to 3 weeks of time.

On a monthly basis, around 1250 flights fly in and out of the Chandigarh Airport?

A new international terminal has been opened in Mohali. Work is underway to connect Chandigarh to the other major international cities.

Yes, the Chandigarh Airport has a luxurious and an air-conditioned lounge which could be effectively used for airport branding among the premium class flyers and the highly captive and responsive audience.

The Chandigarh Airport has 4 aerobridges. These aerobridges can be utilized to showcase a life-size image of the brand to a maximum number of people both in the interior as well as the exterior areas. Aerobridges have the capacity to ensure a 360 degree visibility and are a critical outdoor advertising strategy adopted by the marketers and the airport advertising agencies for airport branding.

The minimum period of time for which I can run an airport advertising campaign for your brand is 1 month, unless otherwise mentioned.

You are required to submit the design layouts in either the .cdr or the .pdf artwork format for the airport branding in the Chandigarh Airport.

As the proof of execution of the airport advertising, we will send you the pictures of the installed advertisements on the various ad spaces within 2 days of the campaign being up and running.

Yes, the newspaper sticker advertising is still relevant and prevalent in the Chandigarh Airport as the passengers pass their waiting time reading newspapers in the Chandigarh Airport, giving you ample scope to remind the probable future customers about your brand.

Chandigarh Airport is not only thronged by the flyers but friends and family too who come to see them off. Therefore, luggage trolley advertising is beneficial for advertising your brand not only to the passengers but also to the non-passengers in the airport. Additionally, these trolleys stay with the passengers almost the entire time they spend in the airport. Thus, luggage trolley advertising is an effective way to interact with your brand and evoke a response from a passenger.

The dimensions of the layout of the advertisements to be stuck on the sides of the luggage trolleys in the Chandigarh Airport for airport baggage trolley advertising will be informed at the time of the confirmation of the branding deal.

There are around 48 check in counters in the Chandigarh Airport for airport branding.

To advertise your brand in the outside area of the Chandigarh Airport, you can opt for the following media branding options:

  1. Pole kiosks
  2. Unipoles
  3. Overhead gantry
  4. Front lit billboards
  5. Product display
  6. Hoardings
  7. Backlit translite; and
  8. Standees

Chandigarh Airport can accommodate around 1600 passengers at one time.

For information on the printing and mounting charges applicable for airport branding at the Chandigarh Airport, if applicable, talk to us directly at (+91) 99538 47639.

Yes, you can advertise your brand through the video and the banner ads in the wifi package of the airport. The passengers get free wifi access in the Chandigarh Airport which means they will also be viewing the broadcasted advertisements along with using the wifi service.

Yes. A maximum of 3 brands can book a single ad space in the Chandigarh Airport at the same time.

The media branding options available for airport advertising in the parking area of the Chandigarh Airport are:

  1. Banners
  2. Back lit panels
  3. Barrier Advertising
  4. Advertising Signs
  5. Car Park Ticket Advertising.

You need to keep 2 things in mind before engaging in any sort of airport advertising campaign at the Chandigarh Airport:

  1. The airport authorities have a strict set of guidelines for design layout, the artwork and the installation of the advertisements. These guidelines are to be strictly followed. If one of them of the guidelines are violated, the entire campaign stand a chance to be rejected.
  2. It takes around 3 weeks of time after the payment and the confirmation for the advertisement campaign to go live.

Since Chandigarh Airport caters to the flyers of the 3 states of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh and has close proximity to the national capital city of Delhi, it is possible to achieve a regional (North Indian) branding through airport advertising in the airport. Moreover, since the city is well connected to the other major cities of the country, an airport branding gig at the Chandigarh Airport is sure to get your brand noticed all across the country.

With its expansion, Chandigarh Airport is now gradually increasing its capacity to serve more passengers each year. Due to the airport’s closeness to the national capital city of Delhi and its service to the three major northern states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, the Chandigarh Airport is the prime center of advertising activities for brands who are looking to spread their outreach to the northern states of the country. Apart from this, the city is also growing rapidly to become a major economic and educational center of North India. Thus airport branding at the Chandigarh Airport will garner the right amount of regional as well as national (and soon international) attention.

MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Private Limited) will assist you in each step of the way for airport branding at the Chandigarh Airport. We have exclusive access to the ad spaces in the Chandigarh Airport. Along with providing our clients with the most affordable rates for airport advertising, we offer them professional assistance and guidance from day one. We will give you the most effective branding plan within your budget. Just write to us at or talk to us directly at (+91) 99538 47639.

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