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Bengaluru metro: More retail outlets and ads at the station to boost revenue.

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The Bengaluru metro’s non-fare box revenue only forms 9% which is the least among other metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. This non-fare box revenue is generated from rent, advertisements, parking, feeder buses and real estate revenue and consultancy revenue. However, the situation is set to change soon as Anjum Parvez; BMRCL, MD announced that the non-fare box of Bengaluru metro revenue will be increased by 25% in the duration of two years. It is expected that the metro station will have more retail outlets, coffee shops, chocolate shops, medical store and more in years ahead. In light of increasing the revenue, the station will also have electric-vehicle charging as well battery swapping station to facilitate passengers on one hand and push up the revenue on the other.

Moreover, the Bengaluru metro station advertising will be also be encouraged. The advertisers will be allowed to put up ads inside the train, on metro pillars, station platform and buildings. However, it was clearly mentioned by Anjum Parvez, that wrapping train with advertisement will not be welcomed as it will disturb the train’s aesthetics. He also committed that once the BBMP lifts the ban, the advertising firms will also be allowed to put up LED screen at stations for branding purposes.  He added that semi-naming rights, which allows companies to pre-fix their brand’s name to the station’s name will not be favoured for existing stations but can be approved for upcoming metro station such as Infosys Foundation-Konappana Agrahara Metro Station and more.

On discussing the solution to poor last-mile connectivity of the Bengaluru metro stations, he informed that in view of improving the same, the plan is set to start 90 electric-feeder buses at all metro station in Bengaluru. Also, to ensure that the connectivity to metro station is safe and secure, a parking space is soon to be allotted for cab service operated by ex-servicemen at all major metro stations of Bengaluru. Moreover, to improve the last-mile connectivity, electric autos by Metro Ride and electric scooter-Miracle by YULU are already operational at many stations. The authorities are encouraging start-ups and firms to offer substantial solution for better last-mile connectivity for passengers.

Commenting on the daily ridership, he affirmed that due to COVID19, the transport industry was hit hard and the ridership saw a major downfall. However, as IT companies are now reopening, the daily ridership will soon pick up its pace and fetch its operational cost.  He also added that the national common mobility card is all set to be launched. The card will act as a one stop solution for shopping, travelling, paying for parking, BMTC taxis and auto services.